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Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 128

It isn't up to them to prove, it is up to you to prove it was legitimate! money laundering laws were created to prevent the scenarios you describe by putting requirements on you and any exchanges and 3rd parties involved to correctly record the transactions and identities and report them where appropriate.

Comment Re:Well, to be realistic (Score 1) 128

Why? seems a relatively easy thing to do, sure there will be some they can't get data for but they have access to bitcoin exchange data, any conversion to real money or purchase of goods etc leaves an easy to follow record of activity. Sure you could have many wallets and never convert anything or buy anything real but then they probably aren't the main target of this, seems aimed at money laundering which will definitely be something they can follow the bouncing ball for.

Comment Re:a BAD sports team will pay for GOOD players (Score 3, Insightful) 168

even a GOOD team will pay. look at what the Cubs just did.

^this, while many are way over paid and underperform companies with problems or in decline pay very large salaries to try and attract quality to fix the problem. The obvious recent example being Yahoo, though she failed to fix the problem and may have made it worse her salary was an attempt to buy in talent to turn the company around.

Comment Re:Really Meyers thinks she is staying? (Score 1) 205

Lol. You are such a retard. Yahoo was in the shitter long before she showed up. Her failure to bail out a ship that had been sinking for over a decade means nothing more than she took on a herculean task beyond her ability.

Yes it was in the shitter, That is why they hired her for an insane amount of money to pull it out of the shitter. She failed completely and utterly.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 764

Why would Putin fear Clinton?

It isn't about fearing Clinton, it is about the insane mess Trump will create of the west if Trump wins, from NATO Chaos to trade wars it has the potential to play big time into Russia's favour or at least be an amusing thing to watch if you aren't tied at the crotch to the west.

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 2) 125

The ASUS is not loud heavy and hot and it is 7 YEARS OLD, it was purchased because it is basically silent, extremely light and cool, yet still beats the very top of the line Galaxy s7 performance wise. The whole point is if you are carrying around a laptop shell you may as well carry a lightweight laptop, it will perform a fuck load better than a Galaxy s7, will have far better resolution that the POS screen coming with this shell and you won't be reliant on your phone as your only means of computing power.

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 1) 125

Lenovo W500 with a Core 2 (actually it is 8 years old, I also have an almost 6 year old W520 it was top of the line at the time with an i7 with 16GB of ram and 256GB SSD, I also have a 7 year old more budget lightweight oriented laptop I bought for travel an ASUS i5 with 4GB of ram can't remember the model as it is in car, but it is prior to them bringing out zenbooks.) all of which decimate any current phone.

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