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Journal blinder's Journal: Sky Flying By Updates 5

i haven't been around here in a long long while. i may post an update here. things are very difficult and just plain bad and have been for some time.

for that i've been quite busy with my music project. i'm actually working on a full blown record (which will be released on CD and 12" vinyl, as well as through Snocap.)

So, just to keep whoever is around here a heads up, i have setup a bit of a blog with links to music that i've been producing lately.

there is also a 3-song CD EP i released as well.

here are some links:

SFB on t61: The SixtyOne

i've engaged in this record project just so that i have something to look forward to. something i can do to keep my mind busy, and for no other real reason. its therapy, plain and simple.

i started the blog to just kind of document the process of making this record. post rough cuts of songs that may end up on the finished product and so on.

yes, i'm having vinyl pressed, but in a very limited run, 300-500 only. i just love records and have gone on at length as to why (in the blog and on my multiply site).

so that's that. if you ever wanted to follow the (very often boring) making of a small independent record by a small nothing artist, now's your chance.

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Sky Flying By Updates

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  • I'm glad you posted news here, hell I'm hardly on here either now that I think about it...put me down for a vinyl when you get them going...I'll have to check out blog for more info...sorry to see that it looks like you've been having some troubles, seems like you had a good turn some time back going up to Boston area with SD (if I remember right, its been awhile) anywhooo I'll be checking out your latest and seriously I'm interested in Vinyl!(does liking vinyl automatically "date" yourself lol) -curt
    • by blinder ( 153117 ) *
      awesome, yeah i'll have something setup soon about how to "reserve" a copy of the record. i haven't figured that part out yet, but i've gotten 2 or 3 other requests, so i figure i'll work something out. when i do i will make sure to post here.

      yeah, i still really like it here in boston, things just didn't work out, too many issues. so we're just trying to figure out what to do next. i've been suffering from major depressive disorder for, well all my life, but for the past year or so its gotten much worse, a
  • blinder knows what I think, what I love and what sound I want to remix out ;)

    I love when blinder makes music. It makes me want to.

    I have been thinking about a 3 minute festival of me playing the riffs that made me want to play!

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