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Comment Re:Windows 7 is the end of my Microsoft road (Score 1) 165

I've gone back and forth between Apple and Windows platforms over the years, but Windows 7 is the end of the Microsoft road for me. In addition to the invasive data mining of Windows 10, the endless nagging to upgrade is beyond the pale.

Yeah disappointing isn't it?unfortunately for pc desktops its the only real option. Guess we both keep running Windows 7 until forced to upgrade by Microsoft abandoning support in 2020

Comment Must be nice to be at a wealthy company (Score 1, Insightful) 164

It's great when all these very wealthy/successful companies can afford to just hand out massive benefits , but for the majority of companies that are no way as successful (and also provide most of the jobs in the USA), they simply can't afford to pay people for months while not working

Comment Buy them Macs with AppleCare. (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Best money I ever spent on my parents (and me). Apple handles EVERYTHING -- their tech support is amazing for people. Don't subject your elderly parents to a Windows PC offshore tech support experience where they play the blame game (MS says call manufacturer, and then manufacturer says call MS). Or better yet, just get then iPads...

Comment Re: A plea to fuck off. (Score 1) 365

Have you used LastPass? LastPass has several options to not re-enter a master password if you choose:
1) If you have an iPhone you can unlock the vault with TouchID 2) Create a 4 character pin

Both of these are enabled after x minutes that you set post entering your master password. Between having a passcode/touchID to unlock the iphone, having to enter last pass master password, and then having a secure pin post master password I feel it is secure enough for my needs.

Comment Re:Just copy iMessage already (Score 1) 62

Seriously, what is so damn hard about integrating SMS with messaging.

except please don't copy iMessage's "feature" where it tells you the message is delivered but the recipient never gets it.

Never happened to me. I bet most people who had claim this happened didn't understand the difference between the GREEN text for SMS and the blue text for iMessage

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