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Comment Re:I'd rather have Autoplay disable (Score 1) 60

Dude is talking about auto-playing background videos while browsing the main Netflix interface. If you pause on a title for more than a few seconds, a video (with shitty, license free music) begins playing in the background showing random clips of the title. The Netflix interface on the PS3 does this too, and it's a terrible design decision. Furthermore there is no way to disable it. The best you can do is mute the audio, and skip between titles to avoid the preview from auto playing.

Think auto-playing video+audio ads on a web-site, but with no way to block them. And you're paying for the privilege.

Not for me. As I said, i turned off autoplay and all that went away.

Comment Re:So that's bad, right? (Score 2) 114

Unfortunately, these jobs pay about like Walmart employee.

Jobs are good, but these trends in employment resonate on target with those who say we are the first generation in a long time who will not leave a better life for our children.

Which generation is that? They've been saying "this generation won't do as well as their parents" since after the baby boomers...

Comment Re:Isaac Asimov solved this decades ago (Score 2) 74

Exactly, that is what was so fun about the books. They really were really mysteries set in the future (like most of the best science fiction). I actually forgot as its been many many years since i read them, that the key point was the breakdown of the laws, and the subsequent modifications to try to make them work. Really fun reading. I actually read all the books set in this "universe" he wrote. Truly amazing books considering they span decades of his life...

Comment Re:Isaac Asimov solved this decades ago (Score 3) 74

Anyone who seriously quotes the "Three Laws", a plot device that FAILED in every story it was used in, is telling the world they are a fucking moron.

Give a robot a box and tell it to walk into that large crowd. Does it break the three dumb laws? Nope. Oh shit there was a bomb in it now everyone is dead, thanks to that robot.

That is a very basic example of a workaround. A real AI cold come up with a seemingly endless amount of workarounds to anything we program.

No need to be rude in your response. I feel sorry for you to be such an angry person, you must be very unhappy in your life. People are so tough over the internet while safe behind their keyboards to act in ways they would never in person.

You obviously never read any of the books. While I am sure you will never read my response, the Wiki page writes up this fact as Asimov used this ery weakness as the focal point of several books:

"In The Naked Sun, Elijah Baley points out that the Laws had been deliberately misrepresented because robots could unknowingly break any of them. He restated the first law as "A robot may do nothing that, to its knowledge, will harm a human being; nor, through inaction, knowingly allow a human being to come to harm." This change in wording makes it clear that robots can become the tools of murder, provided they not be aware of the nature of their tasks; for instance being ordered to add something to a person's food, not knowing that it is poison. Furthermore, he points out that a clever criminal could divide a task among multiple robots so that no individual robot could recognize that its actions would lead to harming a human being.[34] The Naked Sun complicates the issue by portraying a decentralized, planetwide communication network among Solaria's millions of robots meaning that the criminal mastermind could be located anywhere on the planet.

Baley furthermore proposes that the Solarians may one day use robots for military purposes. If a spacecraft was built with a positronic brain and carried neither humans nor the life-support systems to sustain them, then the ship's robotic intelligence could naturally assume that all other spacecraft were robotic beings. Such a ship could operate more responsively and flexibly than one crewed by humans, could be armed more heavily and its robotic brain equipped to slaughter humans of whose existence it is totally ignorant.[35] This possibility is referenced in Foundation and Earth where it is discovered that the Solarians possess a strong police force of unspecified size that has been programmed to identify only the Solarian race as human."

Comment Isaac Asimov solved this decades ago (Score 3) 74

        A robot [AI] may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
        A robot [AI] must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
        A robot [AI] must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.[1]

Comment Can folks here be grateful instead of flaming? (Score 2, Interesting) 168

So rather than turning this into a flame about how android is better than iOS, how about we focus on how this device clearly changed everything on the mobile space. That without the iPhone and Apple, we would all be likely still be using those awful blackberry devices with mediocre web browsers and apps. Or, even worse, still fully using Flash on the web instead of finally escaping its horrible clutches.

Cmon Slashdot, let's see mostly positive comments for once, because this device did change everything...

Comment Re:Android fans will just compile themselves...not (Score 1) 75

hold your horses there sparky, Apple and Microsoft do have updates but both have has issues with updating older hardware. In Apples case many of the updates would make the phone perform like crap as the hardware was too old. I have a Nexus 6 that is 3 years old and I am running Android 7 with no issues or hacks needed. The issue is for all mobile devices after approx 3 years the software starts to exceed the ability of the device itself. So you end up shoehorning a size 13 software foot into a size 9 hardware shoe. Neither Apple or Microsoft offer the option to build a custom rom to fit your now out dated device so android devices is as good as it gets especially if you want to hang on to the hardware for a long period of time.

Actually Apple supports their devices a heck of a lot longer than Android has done so far... iphone 5 i own, still getting updates, iPad 2 got updates 2011-2016. Name an Android phone still getting updates from 2012?

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