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Submission + - Whose car is it? Bricked Model S a no go unless Tesla says so. ( 3

blagooly writes: "SAN DIEGO — A San Diego man bought a high-end Tesla at auction for nearly half price, but now he can't get the company to activate the car.
He says repairing the car has been easy; dealing with Tesla has been the challenge.
Rutman says he needs a Tesla-certified mechanic to switch on the car's brain so it will accept a charge. But Tesla won't do it unless he signs a liability release form. The form also gives Tesla the final say on whether the car is roadworthy."
Should a manufacturer have the power to shut down your gadget, your car, your refrigerator? For what reason? We have just seen shutdown devices for folk's who miss car payments. Buyer beware.

Submission + - How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview Now (

a7med_eg writes: Prior to installation

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind before doing anything:

Backup your data first! Not that you had no excuse not anyway, but make sure to back up your data before upgrading if you have something that can not be recovered. Or even if it does not. Just do a backup.
You will not be able to use the recovery partition to downgrade. If you have a recovery partition on the system, which will no longer be able to restore your computer to the Windows version you had before.
Recovery will support external Rollback. As is expected, since it has a recovery partition, you need a floppy or USB with Windows 8 (or more) on it to go back to how things were, if you do not like or can not use Windows 10.

Comment Re:Massive conspiracy (Score 1) 465

Not smart. But is it arrogant and overconfident or terrified and desperate? Obvious lie, obvious cover-up. MSNBC is mocking them. I believe re-election bids are on the line over this one. I already suspect business as usual types are going to be surprised, ousted across the board. Folks are tired of the name calling, finger pointing, lack of accountability and cronyism, on both sides. Themes will be honesty, integrity, accountability and taking care of the folks at home. Cantor's loss is an indication of this mood. Shut up and fix it, it is broken. Get it done.

Comment Re:Bringing in the Indians!! (Score 1) 288

Everyone who knew a damn thing knew she was a lightweight from day one. That is the irritant to me. A PC choice that condemned a once formidable company to death. "Continuous improvement in our cost structure". Nobody is surprised by this. Compaq How is it possible that people at his level are so abysmally stupid? How can we change the culture to prevent this?

Comment Re:The former iPhone user is an idiot. (Score 1) 238

A "cultural blind spot"? Innocent mistake? No.

Does not play, interact with others. Proprietary, exclusionary design is the baseline, the goal. Designed in malfunction. Proof from long ago is in iTunes. A horrendous mess of extreme levels of overweight complexity to overcome basic USB storage functionality, corral and control user's behavior. Making it simply work would have required no effort at all. The current events are at least a direct consequence of this Apple closed culture mindset.

History being a predictor, I conclude it is intentional. Proving it will be another matter.

Comment Threat to USB (Score 1) 355

I hear that. Imagine, oh that is a Fibson guitar, it needs Fibson cord and amp. If USB breaks the standard, obsoletes my gear, I will look around. I have dodged Apple because of this merry go round, from the horrendous iTunes, to expensive firewire mistakes, that I did not make. It is the single reason I do not buy Apple gear, or anything with despised proprietary connectors. Never.

If USB dumps this advantage, and I am forced to change? Stupid move.

OT Rant: Woman last week, new evidently 1st gen VW Hybrid. Car would not start because the trunk was open. No joke. I did not ask her why she didn't just buy the 5th gen Prius. Some folks willingly walk into hell. Just open the door, they line up

Comment Re:Getting it done, again. (Score 1) 121

Must not happen. Well, that is impossible, I know. That is the problem. Some hungover fellow will poke a forklift through the thing.

What aspect of coal compares to this? Reactor core materials found almost 500 km from Fukushima plant -- 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bq/kg -- Can travel very, very significant distances -- Hot particles found in 25% of samples from Tokyo and Fukushima

Which one creates waste that will be hazardous to all biota, 20,000 years from now?

Each sides trots out stats,graphs and studies, the other call them lies. I could cite Yablonski, one million died from Chernobyl. Another showed 40,000 excess US deaths from Chernobyl. "Experts say it was 60 or so, "prove it". Well, an inconvenient problem with all of this is we can't prove any of it. Probabilities, known and unknown variables. Probably, maybe.

which set of numbers do people effectively choose to believe? It negates the value of that argument for me.

There are no easy answers, all have issues. I am open to new ideas, but am unimpressed with the US industry, its efforts, attitufe. I have learned to not trust them. So I am far from neutral. But again, I will listen, but I have to say, "prove it".

I personally love hydro. Virtual perpetual motion, water, gravity spin a gadget. Plus, lakes. I would like to see old school grandiose work in that area. Weighing the costs/benefits to coal and nuclear? Easy decision.

Comment Re:Getting it done, again. (Score 1) 121

US issues are many. Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak ridge, etc? The job did not get done. It is part of the legacy, fair or not. There is no facility for storing spent NPP fuel. 50, 60 years into the thing, no US place to put the fuel. They did not get it done. SFPs are dangerously full, past their design basis, and vulnerable.

Chernobyl, Fukushima. You folks may never go home. An acceptable risk? These are legit, open questions that have nothing to do with politics/ideology, or unfounded fears.

Public confidence would change, I believe, if a serious effort was made at Fuku, and attention paid as to what to do with the waste. Right now, radioactivity flows to the sea, no plan, no answers, and no real effort. In comparison, the Russians are getting it done. It took help? Fine. Internationally the industry needs to step up, to speak out to say, we got this. That is exactly what is not happeneing.

I think the industry has nobody to blame but themselves. WIPP, designed to last 15,000 years, made it to 15. What happened at Fuku? That is not acceptable, it must not happen, period. There is no room for error.

The final fact may decide it all for folks, really it has for me. But i am trying to be open. The bad apples are not the standard, but in this game, there is no safe place for the bad apples, the industry has to simply not tolerate it. Instead, they cower together, pay lobbyists, lie, coverup, etc. They routinely sell safety short for profit. This is TEPCO. They merit the focus of attention here.

Comment Re:Getting it done, again. (Score 3, Interesting) 121

EPA allows far less than FDA. If they just quietly say they want the EPA levels to match FDA, because why should we have two sets of numbers? Skip the details and complicated reworking of the whole thing, most folks wouldn't even look up from twitter. For example, EPAs Maximum Contaminant Levels assumes regular consumption over 70 years, accepts that one in a million will die. FDAs single dose Derived Intervention Levels accepts 2 in ten thousand. If pesky calculations like this are somehow kept out of the discussion, they might get it done without too much noise. It does legislate away an expensive problem.

Comment Re:Getting it done, again. (Score 1) 121

All of the above is correct, unfinished business that results in lost trust. These are not unfounded, irrational fears of NIMBYs wielding BANANAs. Advocates should perhaps dig deeper into how the French do things. Gov't/industry are effectively one there, perhaps the truth is on lockdown? Or are they more serious about things other than profit?

There is a major push from the trillion dollar industry, with support from this Admin, as Climate Disruption rules all. So folks should pay attention.

EPA is currently taking comments on changing the "safe" acceptable radiation levels. Environmental Standards for Uranium Fuel Cycle Facilities: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR)

Comments are due by June 4, 2014

Comment Getting it done, again. (Score 1) 121

Chernobyl was arguably the worst design of anything in history. But the Soviets moved, 500,000 plus people. Gorbachev says it is what broke the USSR. Mistakes were made, but they are taking responsibility for the mess. This is what is needed for Nuke Inc. USA and Japan. Get it done. This would turn the tide of popular opinion.

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