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Comment Re:So what happened to the comments lately? (Score 1) 46

Slashdot has decided that this website shall be used as a marketing tool to further their own existence rather than a site that is "News for Nerds" as originally intended. Therefore, it's a tragic consequence that some users will feel it's not worth writing insightful messages 100% of the time. Besides, there are only a few production houses where these cards will really be able to be used, and they've already got their orders places, so for the rest of us, these cards are merely measuring sticks by which we realize how quickly our formerly "new" cards are becoming more obsolete.

Comment Forget Doom, Fallout 4 is where it's at. (Score 1) 113

I owe a lot of my formative years to playing Doom, but like the dinosaurs, it's time to move on. Revitalizing the Doom games is nothing short of a money grab, whereas I think Fallout represents a paradigm shift in pushing the limits of what's possible. I'll be first in line when Fallout 4 comes out.

Comment Money and technology cannot replace what's missing (Score 1) 150

It's sad that people feel that the combination of money and technology will fix the classroom issues, what no one seems to realize is that the human factor has more to do in a classroom. Instructors who can inspire confidence in pupils make the difference in the classroom. The human factor cannot be replaced, the idea that no one understands this continues to befuddle me. Forget dumping money and technology into classrooms. Fire all the bad teachers, abolish the idea of tenure in public schools, and then things can start to think about improving.

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