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Comment Re:Windows mobile (Score 2) 154

Considering this is a broadcom problem, I don't see what difference it makes in this regard.

However in overall security, I somewhat doubt it:


Keep in mind, Windows had a super tiny mobile market share even at the time, and still manages to be responsible for 80% of malware on mobile networks.

Bogus clickbait article that is plain wrong. Its counting *Windows PC's* that are connected via mobile data as mobile phones, given the dominance of them in the desktop market and that most virus are targeted at desktop of course they dominate stats.

Given the tiny % of Windows Mobile phones it is obviously quite ridiculous to claim they account for 80% of malware. I'm not aware of any real windows mobile malware.

The vast majority of mobile malware is Android, because of its market dominance, pathetic security model and total lack of security updates.

Comment Obligatory: Windows Movile (Score 1) 103

Sure the app situation sucks - if you want them. But the Tiled UI is far superior to the mess that is Android and it is actively updated. If you just want a secure phone with a great camera and text/mail/web and some basic apps, Windows Mobile is the way to go.

Developing for it is pretty easy to.

Comment Re:Windows phone apps (Score 1) 157

For a work phone, Windows 10 Mobile is actually a fantastic platform.

Agree and I think thats where MS's strategy is aimed, phones that can be easily integrated, provisioned and locked down via a Enterprise server would be a winner in large corporate. Might be a place for them in SMB's to.

One thing Windows Phone/Mobile - be it 8 or 10 - has always lacked has been a good VOIP app

Sadly, also agree :( I'd love a sip client that tightly integrated with the dialer and contacts.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 157

the last time I checked, my 640 had:
- Security Updates
- App updates
- Stock App improvements and new features

All on a regular basis. This for a budget phone released several years ago.

The Tile UI works really well on a phone device, plus the UWP platform actually works, I do write apps that run unaltered on phone and desktop.

Admittedly the lack of third party apps is a problem for some. For me, I could care less - the basics, Email, Web, Phone all work very well. And I'm lucky enough that the banks I use have Windows Phone apps.

For some reason there a large section of the low rent IT media that has a big hate on for windows phone and basically run wall to wall "The End is Nigh!" articles based on unsourced random innuendo. I ignore them, the platform is well supported and isn't going away.

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