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Comment Re:It might be coming... (Score 1) 147

Try Australia - unless you have the NBN (*Government Business Enterprise* funded fibre) a business fibre connection is $1,200+ (yes over one thousand dollars) per *month*, thats for around 20/20. 1GB isn't even available.

Private enterprise has completely failed telcoms in Oz. Labor stared a visionary fibre to the home infrastructure project but the LNP/Murdock killed it.

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 5, Insightful) 150

How does this impact me or most other people in any significant way? I don't think it does.

I'll get modded down because this is an unpopular question to ask. But it needs to be asked. Shouldn't we put our resources to better use, like stopping global warming? Can anyone give me a good answer? I'm doubting it.

No you'll be modded down because its an idiotic question to ask, not mention flamebait.

Comment Pay the damn ransom (Score 1) 265

And learn from it. Secure your networks, introduce user training, a decent enterprise virus checker and lock down PC's. Also setup a disaster recovery system.

We got hit by a rootkit ransom ware virus a couple of years ago and I admit our virus checking and control of user pc's was piss poor - it took out nearly everything, proved impossible to remove without destroying the pc setups.

Fortunately we had virtualised all our workstations a year before (Proxmox Cluster - kvm) and had full image backups of everything with a 6 month rolling history, plus online data backups. We were able to rollback the whole cluster two months and restore data from online. Took a weekend but saved our bacon.

Since then we have rolled out webroot to all the VM's and forced firewalls plus windows defender via group policy. Haven't had a problem since.

Comment Re:Microsoft also owns (Score 1) 130

Xamarin provides a rich mobile development offering that enables developers to build mobile apps using C#

Oh. Here I thought that Xamarin was specifically intended as an alternative to Microsoft's proprietary implementation of C#. Oh, well, shows what I know. I guess we've always been at war with Eastasia.

You thought wrong. Xamarin (and MonDevelop) are IDE's + libs for the .NET platform, on windows or mono. Additionally Xamarin enable creation of cross platform mobile apps using C# I presume underneath its Mono on Android and iPhone.

Submission + - Timeline of Events: Linux Mint Website Hack that Distributed Malicious ISOs ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Linux Mint website was hacked last night and was pointing to malicious ISOs that contained an IRC bot known as TSUNAMI, used as part of an IRC DDoSing botnet. While the Linux Mint team says they were hacked via their WordPress site, security experts have discovered that their phpBB forum database was put up for sale on the Dark Web about the same time of the hack. Also, it seems that after the Linux Mint cleaned their website, the hackers reinfected it, and the devs had to take it down altogether.

Submission + - Linux Mint serving iso images with a backdoor (

greenfruitsalad writes: Yesterday, 20th February 2016, Linux Mint website running on Wordpress was compromised and links to ISO images on their downloads page pointed at altered ISOs with a backdoor from a Bulgarian IP The website was promptly fixed after the discovery but compromised shortly after again. At the moment, is shut down but you can follow this issue on the mint blog at So far, it seems the altered ISO images contain the Tsunami trojan but there could be more. The blog post contains valid md5sums.

Comment Re:vague handwaving (Score 1) 213

> And why haven't terrorists used biological weapons successfully before if there is such a risk from them?

"And why haven't terrorists used large passenger planes successfully for killing thousands by collapsing multibillion dollar landmarks such as the Twin Towers or the Pentagon, if there's such a risk from them?"

Actually a number of people were considering exactly those scenarios, including Tom Clancy and the people who warned Bush (who ignored the warnings).

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