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Comment Re:Windows phone apps (Score 1) 157

For a work phone, Windows 10 Mobile is actually a fantastic platform.

Agree and I think thats where MS's strategy is aimed, phones that can be easily integrated, provisioned and locked down via a Enterprise server would be a winner in large corporate. Might be a place for them in SMB's to.

One thing Windows Phone/Mobile - be it 8 or 10 - has always lacked has been a good VOIP app

Sadly, also agree :( I'd love a sip client that tightly integrated with the dialer and contacts.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 157

the last time I checked, my 640 had:
- Security Updates
- App updates
- Stock App improvements and new features

All on a regular basis. This for a budget phone released several years ago.

The Tile UI works really well on a phone device, plus the UWP platform actually works, I do write apps that run unaltered on phone and desktop.

Admittedly the lack of third party apps is a problem for some. For me, I could care less - the basics, Email, Web, Phone all work very well. And I'm lucky enough that the banks I use have Windows Phone apps.

For some reason there a large section of the low rent IT media that has a big hate on for windows phone and basically run wall to wall "The End is Nigh!" articles based on unsourced random innuendo. I ignore them, the platform is well supported and isn't going away.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Is Dying A Slow Death (Score 1) 92

Yeah, we've switched to 16.04/Unity at work - usable, stays out of the way.

One of the few DE's that works well with multiple monitors - vertical launcher/task bars that lets you lock apps to the bar. Perfect for widescreen monitors, vertical realestate is valuable. Mate/LXDE/XFCE are all lacking there. KDE works well but ridiculously flacky eye candy.

Comment Re:It's just so sluggish now (Score 1) 515

but konsole is just so much nicer than the terminal that comes with Xfce.

This - I loath what KDE has become, but for me some kde apps are best of class and I really miss them - konsole, Dolphin, task bars that work in vertical orientation, kmail - when it works.

Having said that, the instability constant rewrites, developer attitude and abandonware have become to much. I run std Ubuntu/Unity now at work, much happier for it. Just gets stuff done.

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