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Comment Re:I hope they put in an external antenna port (Score 1) 124

Ok the 1k zx81 was never that good and the 16k spectrum was pretty good fun the 512k Amiga 500 was much better and the 2 megabyte A1200 was great especially with a 52 MByte quantum fireball hard drive. 68030 cpu in the trapdoor and an additional 4 MB of ram. It got me on the internet and aminet a wonderful archive of amiga software.

guess kids today can't comprehend running a full desktop on so little resources. It is still hard to comprehend why we now need so much.

Comment Re:Privacy? Fuck you. (Score 1) 212

The point of the "vans" isn't to catch people but to intimidate people into getting a license.
The idea that at any moment there could be a knock on the door.... That is what works.

Of course having a database of every dwelling which has had a TV license previously and currently doesn't also helps ensure a brown envelope drops on the right door mats, for years.

I've only once actually come across anybody having an inspector turn up on their doorstep. The fella who answered the door was a Hells Angel and he just told the inspector he didn't have a TV (it was on in the living room behind him).

The inspector looked at curly started to say something, changed his mind and said that's ok then and went away ...

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 1017

On his own money? I think if you dig you will find there is a lot of russian money behind Trump.
After several failed ventures, a lot of what Trump has been doing has been backed by russian investors close to Putin.

Putin has been rather clever, funding and supporting the far right anti Eu parties in Europe. Would you believe Nigel Farage is a great admirer of Putin too.

Perhaps that explains some of his actions such as going into the EU Parliament after Brexit and after saying we must all act like adults launch into a childish attack on EU Parliament members saying things like "you lot have never had a real job in your lives".

It's been over 50 years since russia had burgess philby maclean and blunt is it likely that there hasn't been other recruits put in place since then to do damage to Britain Europe and the USA?

If you look at Trump and Farage (and possibly their wives have you seen where they are from),
Consider their destabilizing influence on Europe and the USA which favours Russia. For example Trump has already said that he wouldn't support NATO members from former soviet block countries if Russia was to invade them.

It isn't easy to provide proof that these Politicians are working for Putin but their actions seem to be firmly in the interests of Russia. Nuclear weapons make a regular war to be out of the question but an Economic War can be played out and Putin seems to be winning it with the use of well placed actors in his enemy's camp.

Is it likely Russia has agents working in the US and Europe? Would it make sense that Trump and Farage are agents? That both are wreaking havoc in Europe and the USA is clear, how they can be stopped is not.

Are we at war and don't even recognise it's taking place?

Submission + - Another SWIFT Robbery nets big bucks by bypassing security.. (

krakman writes: A commercial bank has been reported to be the victim of another SWIFT attack... No details as of yet on the dollar damage, and who got robbed... The second attack involves a commercial bank that SWIFT declined to identify. But in a letter SWIFT plans to share with its users on Friday, the messaging network warned that the two attacks had numerous similarities and were probably part of a “wider and highly adaptive campaign targeting banks.”

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 197

Samsung has interesting 1 0 reset on laser cartridges, it does a count to figure when the cartridge should be finished giving a low warning finally when 'empty' printing just 1 page when you power it up. Found this out when i was swapping 2 cartridges round (one used to put a line on the page but for some prints it doesn't matter).

Anyway the cartridges come with a small fuse around 200 - 400ma 240v glass fuse its not connected electrically to the cartridge. When a new cartridge is inserted in the printer the fuse completes a circuit and then blows resulting in 1 0 this resets the counter foil round the fuse doesn't work it doesn't go to 0 and any removal of the cartridge and reinserting is just 0 0.

I love the simplicity of this, other systems use a chip to maintain a count and the fuse does the same job for less.

Comment Re:This is not a joke topic. (Score 2) 120

Interesting read but I can not find any reference to Turkish Pilots being killed in the attack in February. It appears to have been army personnel that were the majority of the victims (and most likely from the nearby military training school - speculation no evidence). There is little detail about the dead, one funeral was for an army officer (guardian).

I would find it unusual that the turkish army and airforce would share buses. However it is also unusual that names of any of the victims have not been disclosed.

Comment Re:What is "biometric information"? (Score 1) 58

I'm not so sure on this.
A photograph is not biometric information just because it is a photograph, you could have 1000's of photographs. After analysing the photographs you can then have biometric data from the face geometry which could be illegal.

I can grow poppies at home, it is not illegal to have poppies even though they contain opium.
However if I process these poppies to extract the opium I would then be in violation of a bunch of drug laws. Opium is a class A drug which would attract severe penalties.

There seems to be a transformative event that changes legal possession of flowers into a class A drug. Arguably there is a similar event when you process photos into biometric data.

As an aside google wants to replace the version of picasa I have with one without facial recognition. I think possibly due to infringing European laws.

Submission + - AVG Forces Chrome Extension on Users, Extension is Woefully Insecure (

An anonymous reader writes: The AVG Web TuneUp Chrome extension, forcibly added to Google Chrome browsers when users were installing the AVG antivirus, had a serious flaw that allowed attackers to get the user's browsing history, cookies, and more.

"This extension adds numerous JavaScript APIs to Chrome, apparently so that they can hijack search settings and the new tab page," explains Mr. Ormandy. "The installation process is quite complicated so that they [AVG] can bypass the Chrome [Store] malware checks, which specifically tries to stop abuse of the [Chrome] Extension API."

Simple XSS and MitM attacks exposes data from other tabs opened in the browser, browsing history, and even manages to render SSL useless.

Comment Re:Yes, it does suck (Score 1) 169

Buy at or then. 60 euro (or £43 sterling). it will almost certainly ship from the uk

Google translate really works well with German. Used to be Amazon UK was competitive but these days its better with amazon spain or germany, euro's is my currency and converting to sterling is bad for me but good the other way round.

Comment Re:Extradition from Sweden is a lie (Score 1) 336

What an extra-ordinary person then Assange person is, above laws and able through divine right to dictate to nations the terms under which he will make himself available to their justice system to answer for accusations of rape. We must all abandon all notions of democracy and justice and bend the knee to his holiness...

It's more extraordinary circumstances. He is subject to ecuadorian law , not us law or swedish law or french law currently due to his location. Its more unusual than whats happening in Europe right now where thousands are claiming asylum being subject to persecution is one reason why asylum is granted.


Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 392

With older technology the best you could do was to figure out a setting which would allow an engine to perform across a range, for race tuning for a track for example you would be looking for power at higher speeds and not for sitting in traffic idling.

A fully loaded car will require more torque at lower speeds than one carrying just the driver.
Going uphill requires more power than driving on the level. On older vehicles pretty much the only thing that could be done was to lower the gear and increase the revs.

Put simply there was one tuning setting which had to cope with all driving conditions. What Volkswagen have done is make the tuning variable on the fly and the engine management provide the optimal tuning for the conditions, rather than using a compromise tune.

Unfortunately this means that for a rolling road on the level where there isn't as much need for power the engine reduces its fuel intake and burns an appropriate amount of fuel for the conditions it detects. The problem isn't with the car so much as the actual emissions testing methods.

Think about it when your driving on the level and come to a hill you will press harder on the pedal to dump more fuel into the engine some of which will pass through unburnt. If you see a diesel engine vehicle in front, you often see a puff of smoke as the driver dumps more fuel into the engine. usually its for around a second as the vehicle picks up speed. In that second the emissions wouldn't pass inspection.

The emissions test is supposed to be representative of typical engine output with volkswagen engines the output under test is what you would get in similar driving on the road, unfortunately real road conditions are not driving with low resistance at a steady speed.

This is a bit of a disaster for new cars because if they are not allowed to perform optimally then the end result will be higher emissions in order not to be cheating a defective test.

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