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Comment I'm currently an APPL shareholder (Score 1) 276

And I will unload their shares if they go for it. Search business is an EXPENSIVE one to run well, and Apple, as of yet, has not demonstrated they can build an online service worth a damn. And that's fine, as long as they don't bet the farm on something that's clearly not their strength. Microsoft lost billions on search (and counting), and so will Apple if they're stupid enough to get in the game.

But they aren't stupid, which is why I don't believe this rumor. Apple is about doing few things well, not about being everything to everybody.

Comment Re:Low Tech Goods? (Score 1) 380

And what about low technology good such as clothes, furniture, steel, glass, toys, and widgets? Where does the money flow there?

A cotton T-Shirt costs perhaps $1 to produce in China, and ship to the US. US companies buy them for that price, and then sell them to you for much, MUCH more. Just about every other product is in the same situation.

That is the big problem with the global economy. The loss of jobs was supposed to be offset by much cheaper goods, but instead of going to individuals, the difference has instead gone to corporate profits by the brand names, and retailers. Wal-mart in particular is fond of advertising their big $1.14 discounts on an otherwise $15 pack of socks, which actually costs them $2.

The web is a good opportunity to turn this around... Do a quick search, and find the cheapest supplier among many thousands of stores, and you're likely to find one selling with small margins, and without the brand name and retail mark-up.

More recently, I've found that traditional mail-order companies are also dramatically pushing down prices, but the difficulty is that you already had to have some way to know about them in the first place, which most people do not, and advertisers target consumers of the most profitable items, not the cheap stuff.

Eventually, retail will have to drop their prices to match, but it looks like a very long, very slow road before we get there.


Submission + - America's losing the plot. (

An anonymous reader writes:

The BBC Reports
"Two British girls were sent to an orphanage for 30 hours and strip searched after their mother became ill during a holiday in the US.

Gemma Bray, 15, and her 13-year-old sister Katie also had their clothes taken off them and were asked if they had been abused or were suicidal.

Their mother Yvonne Bray of Appledore, Devon, says their human rights were infringed by the authorities.

She was hospitalised with pneumonia during a trip to New York.

The Administration for Children's Services in New York has declined to comment on the matter. "

So lets get this right here a Mother takes her daughters on holiday to New York falls ill. Then this happens, rather than apologize to her and her daughters.

"Ms Bray has now received a letter from the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) to say she is now being investigated."

Is this the welcome visitors to America should expect these days, is it any wonder most Europeans would rather forgo the experience.

Surely an apology is in order? is this to be expected in America today?


Submission + - Why Intel and OLPC Parted Ways (

runamock writes: "The New York Times has an article that sheds some light on why Intel left the OLPC board: 'A frail partnership between Intel and the One Laptop Per Child educational computing group was undone last month in part by an Intel saleswoman: She tried to persuade a Peruvian official to drop the country's commitment to buy a quarter-million of the organization's laptops in favor of Intel PCs. Intel and the group had a rocky relationship from the start in their short-lived effort to get inexpensive laptops into the hands of the world's poorest children. But the saleswoman's tactic was the final straw for Nicholas Negroponte..'"

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