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Submission + - National vehicle tracking system planned for USA 1

bl968 writes: The Newspaper is reporting that the leading private traffic enforcement camera vendors are seeking to establish a national vehicle tracking system in the United States using existing red-light and speed enforcement cameras. The system would utilize Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to track vehicles passing surveillance cameras operated by these companies. If there are cameras positioned correctly the company will enable images and video to be taken of the driver and passengers. The nice thing in their view is that absolutely no warrants are needed. To gain public acceptance, the surveillance program is being initially sold as an aid for police looking to solve Amber Alert cases and locate stolen cars. "Imagine if you had 1500 or 2000 cameras out there that could look out for the partial plate or full plate number across the 21 states where we do business today," Elsadek said. "This is the next step for our technology." How soon will it be before facial recognition is added as another feature.

Submission + - FISA isn't the worst of it (

bl968 writes: Clarksville Online has published a article which covers datamining and it's use by both the Federal Government and private industry and the implications for privacy which result from this...

FISA is just the latest salvo in an attempt to install a surveillance society in America. Don't let anger at the Bush administration and Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) over the NSA blind you to a much larger problem. We need a comprehensive national policy on data collection and its use in both the public & private sectors. Privacy rights and the associated laws must be clarified and strengthened, taking into account the complexities of modern technologies. The wall between government and private industry must also be restored.

Theoretically, U.S. laws and policies restrict the government's use of dossiers on individual citizens who are not under criminal investigation. President Carter's Executive order 12036 prohibited domestic surveillance. There are no such laws preventing private companies from doing so, as long as they ensure that specific protected pieces of data (your social security number, for example) aren't lost or stolen or otherwise compromised. And some people in the intelligence community have been trying to get their hands on that commercial data for years...


Submission + - Divx video hosting site Stage6 to shutdown

bl968 writes: The online video hosting site run by the creators of the DIVX software is shutting down on February 28. Uploading of new content is already disabled with the existing videos to be removed in the next few days.

So why are we shutting the service down? Well, the short answer is that the continued operation of Stage6 is a very expensive enterprise that requires an enormous amount of attention and resources that we are not in a position to continue to provide. There are a lot of other details involved, but at the end of the day it's really as simple as that.
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Submission + - APSU mock trial rules President Bush "guilty&#

bl968 writes: "Verdicts are in on the two day mock trial of U.S. vs. Bush which was held by Austin Peay State university in Tennessee. In the trial President Bush was found guilty on the charges relating to illegal and unauthorized domestic surveillance and wiretapping of American citizens and violating the Separation of Powers and FISA by ordering a secret Executive Order authorizing such action. Bush was acquitted on the other charges."

Submission + - Toy Shopping? Buy "Made in the U.S.A." (

bl968 writes: Clarksville Online has a helpful article for Slashdot readers who might be looking to buy American made toys for their children titled Toy Shopping? Buy "Made in the U.S.A.". With all the Chinese made toy recalls of the past year, this may a parent's best option this Christmas season.

So you want to buy American as you check off that Christmas toy list? You can, though it may seem as if everything on the shelves was manufactured somewhere else. There are many American toy companies alive and thriving in the USA.

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Submission + - Fifty states face DRE voting machine lawsuits ( 1

bl968 writes: Business as usual will not be the norm over the next 48 hours as Secretaries of State in all fifty states will each receive subpoenas in the National Clean Election lawsuit, according to an announcement made Monday night by activist Bernie Ellis at premier of Uncounted at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN

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