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Comment An even more simple solution (Score 4, Interesting) 84

Eminent domain all the polls in Nashville.

Create the Nashville Telecommunication Services a city government ran agency/non-profit corporation to handle all maintenance and wiring on the poles.

All companies who wish to use them simply pays 1/#ofproviders of the total maintenance cost for the poles.

So 1 Company pays 100%
2 Companies pays 50%
3 Companies pays 33% etc

The more companies using the poles the cheaper the poles are for each company doing so.

Comment Eminent domain (Score 1) 160

The cities should eminent domain the poles. They take over doing the wiring and maintenance on the peoples. Companies wishing to use the poles accept the government doing the wiring and maintaining the poles in a neutral manner. They each pay a fraction of the cost of the pole. If 1 company is using the poles they pay 100%. If 2 they pay 50%, 4 25% etc. The more companies offering services using the resource the cheaper it is for all companies doing so.

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