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Comment I see this as a good thing (Score 1) 388

So we are making progress. Reverse engineering the human brain has been proven extremely difficult. An intelligent program so complex that it's almost imposible to explain or understand is in my view the correct path, just like the human mind is so complex to understand or explain. And even better if it's fuzzy intelligence: you have no certainty it's going to make consistently good choices, just like any human.

Submission + - Dell's 43 Inch Monitor Combines Four 1080p Displays On One Screen

Mickeycaskill writes: The new Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor (P4317Q) is able to show up to four separate Full HD 1080p display inputs at the same time, without any bezels blocking in between.

The 4K monitor is being targeted at the financial services industry, but could help
software developers or animators to spot any discrepancies or missing details without needing to constantly switch between different screens.

The unit has four USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI, one DisplayPort, one Mini DisplayPort, and one VGA port. Dell says it uses 30 percent less energy than using multiple devices and costs $1,350.

Submission + - AMA Journal: Going To Church May Result In 33% Chance of Living Longer (

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post reports, "A new study, released Monday in a journal published by the American Medical Association, says that those who attend church services more often actually have a better chance of staying alive in the long run. Over a 20-year span, the study surveyed a group of more than 76,000 female nurses, most of whom were Catholic and Protestant. At the end of 20 years, more than 13,000 of them had died. The women who went to religious services more than once a week, it turned out, were 33 percent less likely to be in that group who died, compared to those who never attended services. ... The effect of religious attendance, they found, was stronger than that of any other form of participation in a social group like a book club or a volunteer organization. “We were a bit surprised, initially, by the magnitude of the findings,” VanderWeele said. ... One of the team’s most striking findings was on breast cancer. Women who attended services were no more or less likely to contract breast cancer. But those who attended services were substantially less likely to die of it."

Comment This isn't a victory for Behring-Breivik. (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Someone once pointed out that hoping a rapist gets raped in prison isn't a victory for his victim(s), because it somehow gives him what he had coming to him, but it's actually a victory for rape and violence. I wish I could remember who said that, because they are right. The score doesn't go Rapist: 1 World: 1. It goes Rape: 2.

What this man did is unspeakable, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. If he needs to be kept away from other prisoners as a safety issue, there are ways to do that without keeping him in solitary confinement, which has been shown conclusively to be profoundly cruel and harmful.

Putting him in solitary confinement, as a punitive measure, is not a victory for the good people in the world. It's a victory for inhumane treatment of human beings. This ruling is, in my opinion, very good and very strong for human rights, *precisely* because it was brought by such a despicable and horrible person. It affirms that all of us have basic human rights, even the absolute worst of us on this planet.

Comment The tablet future is Surface-like (Score 1) 328

Microsoft got that one right. Surface devices are far more than the Android/iPad tablet toys to kill time or hand to the kids. Tablets are devices looking for a use case: I don't see myself putting my phone aside to use a phone with a bigger screen, and that's exactly what you do when you drop the iPhone to use an iPad. In fact it makes a lot more sense to have phone/tablet combinations with different platforms (Android/iPad, or iPhone/Android Tablet).

In any case, tablets as big phones are the ones that are having a rough time. But Surface-like devices, with Intel CPUs and a full blown desktop OS, those are the ones that will remain because they fill a real use case. This one for example ... not even $100 for a quadcore intel 'laptop' (that kind of tablet is the real chromebook killer ... maybe not laptop killer, but it would cover at least 50% of laptops use cases):

The hardware is still kind of junk (mostly the display), but eventually it will catch up. How can you compete with those specs and prices, and we are talking about a full blown desktop OS.

In my opinion what makes the Surface so unattractive to most users is that it uses Windows. An iPad like device with OSX would be a real killer. Let's hope Microsoft at least gets Windows 10 right, because it doesn't seem Apple wants to enter that market.

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