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Comment Re:Gingrich & Huckabee Weigh In (Score 1) 1168

Have a look where the US is on this list:

Nice company you're keeping there.

Now find Norway. Now have a look at what happens when you sort by homicides rather than total deaths, which include Norway's comparitively high (but still way less than the US) suicide rate.

Now find Australia, which has even more restrictive laws. One-tenth the number of firearm related deaths compared to the US, 80% of which are suicides rather than homicides. The US has 40 times more firearm homicides than Australia per capita. That is mindboggling to anyone outside the US.

Gun control isn't the only solution. There is more than one issue at play here. But to put your fingers in your ears and ignore international statistics like these by claiming that gun control isn't a big part of the solution is idiocy.

Comment Re:remember when slashdot was good?! (Score 1) 1052

New software should be coded in a way that handles variable vertical resolution - i.e. liquid layout. The iOS6 SDK supports this. Most screen designs have a scrollable area than can easily be made variable height, while locking elements to the top or bottom. It's still not as big a deal as supporting the multitude of Android resolutions.

Comment Re:Surprises? (Score 1) 257

3. The fact that the iPhone design was lifted from another product design seen by Apple's team isn't a surprise, it's how all companies work.

Except that this didn't happen. The product design mockup was created by "Apple industrial designer, Shin Nishibori" who was inspired by a Sony designer's article that describes the device, using words alone. The design itself is Apple's property. There was nothing for Sony to patent.

Comment Re:Why destroyed? (Score 2) 70

I was active in the scene both before Payback for Playback (we called it P4P not PfP), during P4P and up until the demise of While there were musicians who were gaming the system (and it was fairly obvious who they were), it by no means destroyed any communities, nor turned artist against artist. I was lucky enough to earn over ten thousand dollars during P4P without any gaming (up to US$3k during my best month), and I know several other artists who did much better, and just as honestly. Those who gamed the system generally weren't part of the community to begin with, as their forum posts mainly amounted to spam.

After, most of the electronic music community moved onto Artist Server (back then ElectronicScene), a site developed by an artist called Sonic Wallpaper. It still has a big electronic slant, but now caters to all genres. While I haven't been a part of it for years, both the site and community are still going strong at, and browsing through the forums I remember many of the names fondly.

P4P did not destroy communities like the article makes out. I won't pretend that it had no effect - it did create an edge of commercialism. But it was the sale to Vivendi Universal that destroyed, not P4P.

Comment Re:Word of warning (Score 1) 185

I didn't say "without any input whatsoever". I said without you telling her. She could observe the data on your phone - your SMS messages or emails for example. I still wouldn't consider that learning, but its certainly more advanced than just remembering a connection between two pieces of data that you told her about, which is what you consider to be learning. You're welcome to hold that definition, but while you do, don't expect people to agree with you, nor me to continue this debate.

Comment Re:Word of warning (Score 1) 185

I told Siri to text my mom. Siri asked who my mom was. I told her. Siri recorded that information and relationship in the contact database. Next time I said, "Send a text to my mom," Siri did.

Siri learned the relationship.

If Siri had done that without you telling her, it could tenuously be construed as "learning". But Siri recording that information after you told her is not much more advanced than my computer remembering a setting once I click a checkbox.

Siri has very good voice recognition and amazing natural language processing, and remembers the things you tell her. But she doesn't learn.

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