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Comment Re:Do you hear me now?? (Score 1) 510

Cool... just remember to contact t-Mobile to have your ebay phone unlocked before you sell it... there are some wonky restrictions, like you have to have it for two billing cycles or something like that before they'll give you the unlock code for your phone.

But also remember they have contractless pricing plans now too... so... just do the math first :P

Comment Re:wtf? (Score 1) 496

Go to your next GameStop, heck, search eBay - there's tons of used PC games to be found.

If there are, they aren't in the places you mentioned. GameStop stopped dealing in used PC games several years ago, and Ebay pulls sales/auctions of them regularly, whether justified or not. Not to mention the abudnance of anti-first-sale DRM technology that is present in PC games and not in console games.

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