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Comment Re:Sorry, no exceptions to mathematics. (Score 1) 388

I like this.

You've encouraged me, and inspired me, to do something like this my self now. Thank you, sir.

Would you mind giving a little more detail of what kind of things you keep (or should keep) on the USB stick? And what encryption set up? Veracrypt would be nice but might be overkill.

I've never thought of this type of thing before and now that I am, I realize it's something I really need to do for my wife. Because I won't be here much longer.

Comment Re:Bad code is everywhere (Score 1) 162

You're fucking kidding me, right? Go away, Troll.

Just because there is a 'coding standard' does not mean it has good naming standards. I'm not -downing- C -- I've already stated several times that I -love- C and prefer it over anything else. I've been writing C applications since 1990. Both professionally ( as in, for PAY on major projects ) and on my own projects. I think I have earned a right to not be 'inexperienced.'

Comment Re:Bad code is everywhere (Score 1) 162

I hate to admit it, but a lot of "Linux Fans" lack common sense; they simply go where their friends/peers go. That whole hipster thing. Meh. I see things for their value, and their cons. I use windows AND linux, and I like both.

I am NOT a fan of Java. But I see it's worth quite well. It has its use. A tool for every job. I, personally, prefer C, but that's because I've always used C (it's what I started on all those years ago) and it's what i always come back to. It's like that abusive Ex that you just cannot quit, but the sex is good, so you stay.

C function names....I could write a book on that rant. Truly. C is horrid when it comes to standards, conventions, etc with naming. Hell, even with arguments. LibC itself is a pain for those who aren't intimately familiar with it.

Comment Re: Bad code is everywhere (Score 1) 162

Yes, we have fgets(), but it's not exclusively a ReadLine() function, so to speak. Sane people would write a ReadLine() function using fgets() wrapped in some nice loops to read in buffered input. APT -- apparently not so much. I can only assume they were using getc or some such. I may dig in to apt-get source here in a few to see exactly what they were doing.

I've been looking for a project to dedicate some spare time to and, seeing someone earlier in the discussion saying it only has four people working on it, I may give it a bit of my time.

Comment Re:Bad code is everywhere (Score 1) 162

The standard library doesn't come with a ReadLine function. It has the ability to read I/O, and to buffer it, but it is up to the implementation to do it how they see fit. In the case of APT (I cannot say I am surprised. I would really love to hear the reason they made it unbuffered to begin with,) since it is in C and a core function, it will be using ONLY the C library. So they have to implement the ReadLine() themselves.

C was designed to be barebones. It's why you can easily shoot yourself in the foot (like in this case) and it's the reason I prefer C over any language. It's not that the library is poor; it's not -- it's actually quite well done. It just does not have a lot of the built in cruft that some languages hang on to, such as Java. It IS pretty standard practice to implement ReadLine() in a specific way; again, I would love to know the real reason. I am better it was debug code that 'worked' and no one thought to look at the most basic of I/O as a performance issue (they were looking at parsing, formats, network latency, etc)

Comment Re:Use that & 9 more reputable sources too... (Score 1) 523

Bogusly? That's precisely what the down mod system is for, mind you.

I've never down modded him, personally, because they make little difference on him. But down mods are designed to get rid of scum like him. He's a SPAMMER and needs to be treated as a SPAMMER. I cannot fathom why some of you actually put up with his dumb ass.

Submission + - Slashdot Coalition to stop APK (

bioteq writes: I think it is main time that Slashdot, as a community and as a company which has shares (and dice!) to come together and stop one of the biggest plagues on Slashdot: The one known as APK and his many fake accounts (and anonymous coward accounts) — There is not a single person who like his content and all the does is detract from the conversation, causing trolling and griefing. I would like to ask the rest of the Slashdot world, including her owners, to step up and make this plague go away.

Comment Re:Use that & 9 more reputable sources too... (Score 1) 523

I've decided to write a chrome/firefox plugin that will block ALL posts by APK, as I see this is advertisement and should be blocked thusly.

If you agree, please join the cause. It would make the web (and slashdot) much better.

Btw, apk, I've seen your app and it's a piece of crap. You truly don't know what you're doing when it comes to coding. It looks like you copy/pasted a bunch of snippets you found on google and then stop a bunch of people's block lists. That makes you a script kiddie

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