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Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 334

I tip inversely to the amount of odor in the car, be it the excessively potent air freshener (eau de carcinogen) or the smell of the driver's last five meals lingering about. It's really unpleasant to have an olfactory experience on your journey somewhere and a lack of odor is rare these days and deserves reward.

Also why the hell aren't you tipping Uber Drivers? If their car doesn't smell I tip them too. Newbies might say they can't accept it, but they don't exactly come running after you if you leave a five spot on the passenger seat.

Comment sad sack (Score 2) 93

things are pretty sad with the world if we have serious concerns that recommendations to take 10,000 steps in one day might hurt someone.

    The whole drink 8 glasses of water a day thing is probably more of a risky recommendation for certain pre-existing conditions, but c'mon. Any health / exercise recommendation should be taken with caution if your health is on the far end of the bell curve.
This is a ridiculous criticism.

Comment Re:Behaviour in the past? (Score 1) 196

Define spies. Google has turned data over to the feds that has led to US citizens being arrested. Google cooperates with China's great firewall policies and therefore contributes to human rights violations. Google is as evil as they come when it comes to data security and protection, do not consider your data secure with them.

Comment Re:Real banner week for the TSA... (Score 1, Troll) 166

The TSA is backed by PETA avidly and they are doing an excellent job per PETA standards / expectations. Almost every TSA employee you see would be unemployed and abusing small animals at home if the TSA did not give them somewhere to go for 8h a day. So next time you see one of them yank a tracheotomy tube out of a child in a wheelchair or cavity search an old woman, just remind yourself of all the safe pets out there.

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