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Comment Re:That would imply that non spam tweets were usef (Score 1) 301

Is it possible to have friends that do not need to know everything in my life that will fit in a twit?

Sure it is. It's also possible to have friends who enjoy keeping up with what you're doing, and vice versa, I was in the Navy for 5 years and so I have a few close friends that happened to be scattered around, and not always accessible via phone.

I personally can call, E-Mail and text any person in my circle of friends that I think needs it.

Yes, or you can do ONE status update that all your friends can read and respond to.

Mostly though people do not need 37 updates on my day.

Yes because the only to Twitter is do 37 updates though out the day.

That kind of thing is not really about what my friends need to know about me but more likely my need to announce my life to everyone I know in order to feel important.

Umm... it's most fun read your friends twits rather then you're own, so it's nice to reciprocate.

Comment Re:That would imply that non spam tweets were usef (Score 3, Interesting) 301

I suppose if you don't have any friends that like to keep up with what's going on in your life and vice versa.

That's what conversations are for. You know, real physical human interaction. Remember that?

Just so I have this straight, phone conversations are real physical human interactions? Are text messages? And how is reading another's twitter feed, and responding to, different then a phone conversation? Twitter isn't meant to replace physical meetings or hanging out with friends, it's for seeing what people are up without having to directly interfere with what they're currently doing. At least until we master the whole being everywhere at once thing. Then Twitter will become outdated.

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