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Comment Disambiguation (Score 1) 331

Are the terms defined?

Is there a distinction between "packing" and "distribution" of the 3 classes of items?

If they mean the same thing, then you couldn't argue that it means "packing for shipment or packing for distribution of: ..."

In that case, when you accept that the 2 actions are equivalent, i.e. A === B, you'd be saying "packing for A or packing for A", which is clearly redundant.

Comment Re:Things I Hate (Score 1) 523

From the History section on

Chuck Weiss explains why he created DUAL:

I created the DUAL table as an underlying object in the Oracle Data Dictionary. It was never meant to be seen itself, but instead used inside a view that was expected to be queried. The idea was that you could do a JOIN to the DUAL table and create two rows in the result for every one row in your table. Then, by using GROUP BY, the resulting join could be summarized to show the amount of storage for the DATA extent and for the INDEX extent(s). The name, DUAL, apt for the process of creating a pair of rows from just one.[1]

The original DUAL table had two rows in it (hence its name), but subsequently it only had one row.

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