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Comment You're either with us or you're a Russian! (Score 1) 199

Maybe one of the reasons Clinton is about tied with Donald Trump is because the Clinton camp sounds like a bunch of lunatics ranting and raving about Russia. Trump works for Russia, Jill Stein works for Russia, the Intercept works for Russia...

David Brock seriously seems to have lifted his whole election strategy for Clinton from a crazy guy walking around Downtown Chicago wearing a sandwich board.

What if instead of making up conspiracy theories about Trump, they made valid critiques of Trump? Is it really that hard to criticize Donald Trump??? He's fucking Donald Trump, a bigoted lunatic! Yet Clinton is losing to him in some polls because the Democrats have decided they want to just act crazy instead of talking about reality.

Comment Suprisingly hard to find ways to do it (Score 1) 537

I look for ways to volunteer my coding talents, even if it just means teaching poor kids. But I don't really find anything to do.

Whenever I fill out a form to volunteer tutoring, no one ever replies. And I've kind of looked for "good" open source projects. I haven't found much. This might be a terrible answer, but it seems the projects that would take on volunteers are in PHP, and I just really don't want to learn PHP when it's completely goofy and is probably not going to be around that much longer.

Comment ...of EVERY religiously affilated hospital, etc. (Score 2) 539

I'm religious or anything, but this is not only combining all religions, but all religiously affiliated things in the US. So that means all those hospitals that start with "St." That means a number of universities that seem pretty secular, but actually are actually owned by the Catholic Church. This doesn't just mean the money people put in the basket at Church.

So understand what this number is before you panic about it.

Comment Bad analogy (Score 1) 242

Peter Thiel intentionally bankrupted Gawker. He didn't probably didn't make money from the deal. The founder explained this is completely different.
This start up helps you beat the game that a big company that gets sued plays in which it drags out the lawsuit causing the litigant to drop the case, even if their lawsuit is rightful. Nothing about the strategy is to bankrupt companies.

Comment Proabably test accounts (Score 5, Interesting) 48

If Twitter doesn't nuke these accounts pretty quickly, we can be pretty sure they are test accounts. I mean 3 million botnets could easily destroy twitter.

I think very telling is this part: "It's like Twitter's registration process skipped 168 million IDs, and someone came back a few months later and used them." Yes. Twitter reserved them and used them. They are the only ones who can line up user names with ids like that.

Comment Re:The only possible hope (Score 1) 416

Clinton Foundation went from watchlist, to "we don't how to evaluate such an odd foundation".

Also very clear that some rather non-benevolent people gave them money for favors from the state department.

She ignored violence against union members in Columbia for a bribe. Charming.

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