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Submission + - SPAM: California trying to succeed from the US

An anonymous reader writes: California is collecting signature to begin the process of becoming an independent nation. This ballot initiative will repeal a provision in the state's constitution that reads "California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land." This is the first step which will later involve getting a 55% yes vote with at least half of california registered voters participating.
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Submission + - Soyuz launches successfully from French Guiana (nasaspaceflight.com)

schwit1 writes: A Russian Soyuz rocket, built for Arianespace and launched from French Guiana, successfully placed a commercial satellite in geosynchronous orbit on Friday.

The launch has some significance. First, it was the first time a Soyuz rocket placed a payload into geosynchronous orbit. Second, the payload was the first satellite built by a German company in more than 25 years

Finally, and most important, it demonstrated that at least one configuration of the Soyuz rocket is still operational as Russia investigates the corrupt practices at the company that has been building upper stage engines for both its Soyuz and Proton rockets.

Comment Not your father's NASA anymore (Score 2) 24

What a crying shame. This agency is rapidly working its way towards extinction. Or at best, will become some Washington DC "space committee" that rubber-stamps private ventures into space. They might as well start selling off or spinning off their successful ventures now. Maybe they can sell naming rights to the KSC or MSFC too.

So damn sad.

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