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Comment Re:I can say this despite liking the iPhone (Score 1) 222

In this case, form is function--part of the function of a mobile phone is to be portable. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have been more careful with it--supposedly the 6s is less bendable, which means they could design it to be strong AND skinny, if they want--but part of what I want in my phone is for it to be as invisible to me as possible when I'm not actually carrying it.

Whether or not that meets your goal for 'function' is another question. I can easily see other people wanting a phone that's considerably more robust. With the thinnest case I could find, I've had my 6 for two years, dropped it many times and not had any breakage problems. (I do have a faint blue streak in the middle of my screen which Apple tells me may be due to excessive pressure on that spot, but as its cosmetic and not a functional problem, they won't do anything about it.)

We don't all have the same functionality goals. It's part of your job as a consumer to decide if your idea of function lines up with the manufacturer's.

(It's worth noting that sometimes form is exactly the function--jewellery and other fashion items and ornaments are a good example of this. Do not denigrate people that carry phones for a reason that also has to do with fashion; for them, that's ALSO part of its function. It's not up to anyone else to decide if that's a worthwhile use or not. Even nerds carry things for 'fashion' reasons--sometimes we pick something that's objectively the ugliest, bulkiest, whateverest item to telegraph that we're the nerdiest kid on the block to all the other nerds. There's nothing wrong with that either.)

Comment I plug my phone in in the car too (Score 1) 385

...And it goes through the lightning port. I bought a third party adaptor that fits in behind the standard stereo (in a 2006 VW!) and while I actually have to have two adaptors (iPhone 3G to iPhone 4--something changed in the 30-pin layout or something, and then a standard 30-pin to lightning adaptor on top of that) I can still control my phone from the steering wheel. The sound quality is, of course, very good.

When I borrowed my friend's car, I used my USB/Lightning cable to plug into her Sony deck. That worked fine, too. Charged the phone as well.

So I don't know what he's talking about when it comes to cars. There are a few ways around having to use the headphone jack or bluetooth.

Comment Re:Happening to people incoming to the US? (Score 2) 348

The fourth amendment actually uses the word 'people' and not 'citizens'. In cases where the lawmakers or framers intended the rights to be extended only to 'citizens', they make that explicit (i.e., for voting).

So, no. Your assertion probably isn't true. But I'm not a lawyer--or even an American!--so my cursory search around the internet isn't worth much. Then again, it appears to be more than you've done...

Comment Re:If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 367

The labor might be that cheap, but do they work strict 40 hour work weeks, use OSHA approved equipment, can afford a livable quality of life (support a family comfortably, take vacations twice a year), get fully paid health insurance, dental etc for that $5-7 a day?

Comment Fixed size arrays to handle unknown N items (Score 1) 674

Memory is cheap. Sometimes it's just plain faster and simpler to allocate an oversize fixed-size-array than to mess with dynamically allocating and freeing memory.

Fixed size arrays explode if N ever gets above your array size. There are many cases where you should NEVER do this... anything safety-critical or crash-critical or anything which might come under attack. However there are cases where you can assign an acceptable real-world practical limit on N and simply allocate an abundance of memory for it.

Comment Re:not playing the "buy it before its finished" mo (Score 1) 157

No offense, but that's absolutely terrible logic.

The reason you don't pre-order the game is the chance that it's over-hyped garbage. In other words, there's no way for you to know before it's released if you truly want to play it.

It's simple cognitive dissonance, what you're describing.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 3, Insightful) 618

I feel like there's a huge problem with projection in the anti-UBI crowd. If I had a basic income, I'd go back to school. I'd do things that were more risky. I'd read more, study more, create more.

My partner is doing her PhD right now. She can do it without worrying about money because *I* work. That's the power of getting money for nothing.

But honestly, if you want to live by the ocean and barely scrape by on a UBI, I'm not actually going to argue with that. We've only got this one life to live. If I had the power, I'd bequeath everyone the life of luxury and relaxation that they want.

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