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Comment Stay the course (Score 3, Insightful) 331

There's no point in changing language often. You stick to one and master it. I have a coworker who handles most legacy apps, it doubles the time taken to make fixes because he's in the wrong context.

I'd say 5 years is a good run for a language, you can return to it in a day later on. Sure you can do a quick hack in a non-mastered language, but your style aint stable and 3 months down the line it'll be spaghetti.

Comment Re: IT took me years to learn (Score 1) 359

Warp Factor is used mostly in TOS and relies upon a linear, unbounded scale. Warp Factor 1 is light speed. Essentially, WF 2 is twice the speed of WF 1, and WF 8 is 8 times the speed of WF 1. IIRC, the fastest Warp Factor ever used in the shows or movies was 14. On a related note, "impulse" is not any specifically defined speed in TOS or the early TOS-cast movies. The later TOS-cast movies use the TNG system.

It's not quite linear. Looks like the light speed is the factor cubed:

Even memory-alpha doesn't seem to agree with you.

Comment Re:Books Deteriorate (Score 1) 380

HTML was invented 23 years ago, zip 27.
Why is it so reasonable to assume these formats are going to be readily usable for much longer than they were already around for?

This, and more.

I think the oldest thing on my computer is some email from 1997. I don't think I have a single document from before 2000. I'd need to do some archeology dig to find some earlier document, and I'm pretty sure the hard drive will be dead. Just looking at a nearby box, I have a cheap paperback of Merchant's War. Printed 30 years ago. I can read it now if I want. My potential grandson could pick it in 2050 and read it.

Comment Re:Books Deteriorate (Score 1) 380

But more to the point, books simply cannot deal with being read over and over again.

Libraries, how do they do?

Also, you seem to be saying physical book profit should cover 2 owners. Wouldn't that mean digital books profit will cover 8 owners, if you account for the lack of printing costs?

Comment Re:Books Deteriorate (Score 4, Insightful) 380

A physical book can age 50 years without wear. That digital book's technology will be gone is 10 years and dead in 50. If something is unfair to publisher, it's how little consumers are willing to pay for a physical book. The digital version version has the same content without all that printing cost.

All that extra profit is a boon to them. I don't think there's enough digital resales to negate that.

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