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Comment Re:They agreed to the cards (Score 1) 405

I expect the casino to be a little more savvy than the average rube.

You would think so, but then again "I though anyone could see that" is each con mans usual defense.

If I walk into a baccarat room and complain that they aren't using my favorite Frobozz Magic Playing Cards with an official Frobozz Magic Card Shuffler and dealing them from a certified Frobozz Magic Baccarat Shoe, I expect to be unceremoniously thrown out.

But I guess I'm naive when it comes to the world of high-stakes gambling, huh.

Yes. Greed and being afraid to lose that high-stakes gambler. And again, as in every fraud, they work best when the victim himself thinks he is conning the actual fraudster.

I noticed that according to the summary, he had to pay back his "win", but no charges for fraud were even mentioned. I think the judge couldn't put his opinion on casino ethics more clearly...

Comment Re:They agreed to the cards (Score 1) 405

Not if you trick the casino into using or accepting marked cards without their knowledge.

Part of the magic tricks with marked cards is to convince the victim that they aren't marked.

If a casino would use marked cards to fleece the gamblers, would you say it's their fault for accepting the suggested cards?

Comment Re:They agreed to the cards (Score 4, Informative) 405

Marked cards are cards that allow you to distinguish different cards (or here: different card orientations) without seeing their front side. It is of no importance if these marks where printed in the factory or added manually to an originally unmarked set.

You can buy marked cards in any magicians store that are specifically designed to be marked and are in no way tampered with.

Comment Re:minidisc is where its happening! (Score 2) 564

Full ack.

Plus the form factor about the size of your palm, could handle it with one hand better than a CD (without bending it) not tiny as current usb sticks being lost forever if you dropped them in your car once.

They could have made a zip-disc killer if they made a combined data/music drive at that time.. Company policies killing a product.

Comment Re:Welcome (Score 1) 161

No one said anything about owning the software. In the contraty, this is usually about NOT running the manufacture provided firmware. (OpenWRT for example)

Or to stick to your restaurant example in its full absurdness: We are talking about paying a menu in a restaurant and then leaving early and cook at home instead. (The main difference is, that most of the money paid for a tv is for the hardware, and so writing of the cost for software you paid for by not using it is usually neglegible.)

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

Speakerphone is the worst thing you can do to your opposite anyway. As if regular phones wouldn't degrade sound quality enough. Plus, you hear your background noise plus the other partys office noise, everyone starts to shout.

Gathering people in a meeting room around a speakerphone is even worse. If one person needs to be added to a meeting via phone, everyone should just stay in front of their machine and fire up a decent video conference software. One camera per head, one microphone per head. Helps much more than one camera per 10 people around a table

Comment Re:I dont know what all the hate is for (Score 1) 221

its a continuous run game with some interesting level layouts. Were people expecting a full on Mario game?

With a price double as high as other great games: yes.

If it's an Flappy Bird style game, the price has to compete with flappy bird. Yes, high-res sprites with a popular cartoon char can offset that, but not by several 100%. And with the gaming experience that forced always-online-games deliver in trains and subways, it's probably less fun than Flappy Bird and no brand tie-in will save it anymore.

Comment Re:Told ya so. (Score 1) 221

And now nintendo will make a statement that without hard controls and buttons, good games can't be made

IMHO, that's true enough for Mario-Style Jump'n'Runs.

And dumbing it down to a "Jump'n'Nothing" gave us exactly that. a dumb game.

You probably can't make a good text adventure with mouse input either.

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