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Submission + - The end is nigh for The Linux Game Tome (

Sodki writes: The Linux Game Tome, one of the most important websites related to video gaming in GNU/Linux, will shut down on the 13th of April, according to a news post published on the website. The decision was made due to the "lack both the time and the ambition to do what is necessary to keep the site afloat", which has resulted in "spam clogging the forums, lack of updates and increasing brokenness of the site". This might not be the end, though. The maintainers of The Linux Game Tome will make available a dump of the games database, so that anyone interested can cook up a new and updated version of the website, and a worthwhile effort will be considered for a transfer of ownership of the domain. The current source code of the website, which is from 1999, will not be available because "it is not fit for human consumption".

Comment This exact same thing... (Score 0) 154

...happened 10-15 years ago with CRT monitors, and Nvidia pushing shutter lenses and 3d capable technology, and then fell off the face of the planet from lack of genuine consumer interest.

What is different this time? Has the head gear changed? Not the home use version. Still the same stupid shutter lense technology that halves frame-rate and increases GPU workload.

For home use, the only thing that has changed is the display medium, from CRT to LCD. There really is nothing new to see here.

Comment made obsolete by cloud computing? (Score 0) 135

Having never used 1&1, i can't speak to their service or resource levels, or more applicably to their resource usage levels.

However I can't say that I think that cloud computing will significantly displace shared hosting.

This says it better than I could I think.

Cloud computing is great in that it only charges users for the server power they use. That's why rapidly expanding companies with unpredictable IT needs love it. But the truth is, the average hosting customer's needs are very predictable.

A typical shared hosting user probably only utilizes 500 MB of space at most and under 3 GB of bandwidth a month. Hosting companies know what to expect from their users and most website traffic rarely fluctuates enough to take advantage of cloud computing features.

Sayegh is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I think introducing the cloud to a shared hosting environment would simply add too much complexity and I don't see it being adopted en masse by hosts any time soon.


Submission + - Porn collection put people off upgrading Firefox (

Barence writes: "Mozilla's Security team has disclosed a very interesting piece of research which suggests people refused to upgrade to Firefox 3 because they were afraid the browser would expose their porn collection. Mozilla's research found that the number one reason for not upgrading was the new location bar, and the fact that it delved into people's bookmark collections to suggest sites as they typed. "When we expanded the capabilities of the location bar to search against all history and bookmarks in Firefox 3, a lot of people contacted us to say that they had certain bookmarks they didn't really want to have displayed," Firefox's principal designer, Alex Faaborg, tactfully explains. "In some cases users had intentionally hidden these bookmarks in deep hierarchies of folders, somewhat similar to how one might hide a physical object.""

Comment Irrelevant? (Score 0) 1

"Does the Constitution forbid the execution of an innocent person who was convicted and sentenced to death after a trial that was free of constitutional error but that nonetheless led to an erroneous verdict?"

To my knowledge, Constitution of the Unites States does not even touch on the subject of executions of prisoners, only the rights to the due process of law (rights with aren't even fully incorporated against the states in many cases!). This proved more by the differing stance of various states in their own Constitutions and precedents allowing or disallowing executions. I think this is probably the wrong question.
The Courts

Submission + - Is it Unlawful to Execute an Innocent Person? 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "Michael Dorf, a professor of Law at Cornell University, has an interesting post on FindLaw about the case of Troy Davis, convicted twenty years ago and sentenced to death for the murder of off-duty police officer Mark McPhail. Since then seven of the nine key state witnesses against Davis have recanted their testimony, "claiming in affidavits that they were pressured by police to name Davis as the perpetrator," writes Dorf. "Meanwhile, additional evidence has been found indicating that Coles, the prosecution's star witness against Davis, was the actual killer." Yet despite national and international attention neither the Georgia courts nor the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board has seen fit to stop Davis's execution. Last week in response to his petition for a writ of habeas corpus, the Supreme Court ordered that a federal district court in Georgia "should receive testimony and make findings of fact as to whether evidence that could not have been obtained at the time of trial clearly establishes [Davis's] innocence." The Court's order in Davis was not unanimous though as Justice Scalia wrote that even if the district court were to find Davis to be innocent, there would still be nothing unlawful about executing him (PDF). The Supreme Court's finding comes on the heels of a report in Texas that the execution of Cameron Willingham in 2004 for setting a house fire that killed three young children was based on faulty investigations that ignored eyewitness reports and failed to follow accepted scientific procedures. "Does the Constitution forbid the execution of an innocent person who was convicted and sentenced to death after a trial that was free of constitutional error but that nonetheless led to an erroneous verdict," asks Dorf."
The Matrix

Submission + - Entanglement Could Be A Deterministic Phenomenon (

KentuckyFC writes: "Nobel prize-winning physicist Gerard 't Hooft has joined the likes of computer scientists Stephen Wolfram and Ed Fredkin in claiming that the universe can be accurately modelled by cellular automata. The novel aspect of 't Hooft's model is that it allows quantum mechanics and, in particular, the spooky action at a distance known as entanglement to be deterministic. The idea that quantum mechanics is fundamentally deterministic is known as hidden variable theory but has been widely discounted by physicists because numerous experiments have shown its predictions to be wrong. But 't Hooft says his cellular automaton model is a new class of hidden variable theory that falls outside the remit of previous tests. However, he readily admits that the new model has serious shortcomings saying it lacks some of the basic symmetries that our universe enjoys, such as rotational symmetry. However, 't Hooft adds that he is working on modifications that will make the model more realistic (abstract)."

Submission + - A swiss coder of a governmental trojan speaks out! ( 2

Lars Sobiraj writes: "Ruben Unteregger has worked quite a long time as a software-engineer for the Swiss company ERA IT Solutions. His job there was to code malware that would allow to invade PCs of private users. In the german spoken areas those governmental trojans are called "Bundestrojaner". ERA IT Solutions is involved in constructing malware which allow the wiretapping of VoIP calls, in particular by using Skype. The programmer sadly has to remain silent about the customers of the company. Last night, he already published the source code of his Skype-trojan under GPL. You can read the full interview here."

Submission + - Global survey shows Linux desktop easy to deploy (

An anonymous reader writes: IBM announced the results of a study conducted by Freeform Dynamics which showed that Linux desktops were easier to implement than IT staff expected if they targeted the right groups of users, such as those who have moderate and predictable use of e-mail and office tools.

Submission + - New Kid On The RIA Block Brings X11 to Web ( 1

jole writes: "With the X Window System, your user interface code runs on the server and the terminal is fairly dummy. Vaadin }> tries to bring back this programming paradigm for Java EE and RIA. Development is done in pure server-side Java — no Ajax-programming is needed. On the user side any modern web browser will do — no plugins are needed. As the framework is released with Apache license, it should get quite a lot of attention from commercial application developers."

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