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Comment In 30 years' time? (Score 1) 591

I am more concerned about what happens to all these big-name games with online requirements in 30 years' time. When the online servers are gone, what will we be left with? It used to be that when you bought a game, you actually got a complete copy of the game itself, so people at least had something to try and preserve. Now, it seems the trend is to just give you an interface, with essential pieces of the game existing only on a server somewhere, to never be distributed...

Comment Re:Experience with IOMMU? (Score 1) 384

Xen has been making some progress with VGA passthrough (support was added in 4.0.0, .) Some Intel, AMD, and nVidia graphics cards are reported to work, and AMD has recenly submited patches for vga passthrough to their mailing list. I don't have any experience with it yet myself though.

Comment Re:JavaScript (Score 1) 194

I see the appeal, but I prefer being able to see the source code for an programs my browser is running. If we move to distributing byte code, we lose that ability - if we wanted to know what a web app was having our browser do, we'd have to fall back on reading disassembly. It seems that could ultimately hurt the openness of the web.

Comment Re:Do no evil, my ass. (Score 1) 271

What's your point? If you are using a proxy server, then you would presumably get an address closer to the proxy server rather than close to yourself. Since all your traffic will be going through the proxy server anyway, that's still an improvement.

Comment Re:Micropayments again (Score 1) 198

Unless you regularly send emails to people you don't know (and so wouldn't have you in their address book), I don't see why you'd need to have more than a few dollars in your account. So if your computer is owned, sure, you might lose those few dollars, but nothing more. It would be an incentive to clean up your system.

And as has been mentioned before, using an escrow-like service similar to Paypal would largely avoid a need for credit-card processing fees, etc, right? It seems all the payment between users of such a service could just be handled internally.

Comment Re:Micropayments again (Score 1) 198

I don't see why mailing lists are an issue with a micro-payments system. There would be no need to attach a payment to mailing list emails (or to emails with friends/family, etc) since supposedly you would just add that address to your address book and they would be allowed through. After all *you* subscribed to the mailing list, so you are expecting emails from them.

It seems you would only need to attach a payment to an email if the recipient doesn't know you (and so wouldn't have you in their address book) or if it is urgent enough that you want to make *sure* it gets read.

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