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Comment Re:telomeres? (Score 2) 290

I thought this was a solved concept. Telomeres shorten based on cellular division and eventually the cells just don't divide anymore. The net effect is that the body stops replenishing itself and voila, old age. Unless you do something about that...

Exactly. I thought I read somewhere that in most cancer cells, their telomeres (sp?) don't shrink. Most cancer cells are 'immortal' so to speak because of this and explains partly why they grow and expand uncontrollably.

That would be the problem. Attempt to manipulate this little part of their biology and not end up like the folks on Miri's Planet...

Comment Re:SJW (Score 1) 213

This is the sort of thing that SJW's should be fighting against......instead they decide to focus their efforts on restricting speech in some of the most liberal places on Earth.

You would think they would, but in that part of the world, you would get your teeth kicked out by the police and your ass thrown in a hole and turned loose whenever they feel like it.

Not like here in the States where they have 'rights'

Comment Re:Clearly Samsung's QA department..... (Score 5, Informative) 164

Considering your UID, that's unlikely. Most if not all of the machines from the 80s and 90s were dumb. They'd walk across the floor if the load's unbalanced. mother's Kenmore washing machine (bought back in the late 70s) had an out-of-balance detector on it that would stop the motor and sound a VERY loud buzz when the machine was out of balance and would not continue until the condition was resolved.

I call bullshit or very shitty machine design...

Comment Re:Am I reading this right? (Score 1) 79

That's not quite how it works. In zero g, just adding Helium pressure to a tank won't accomplish much. You either have to use some kind of pressurized bladder to force the liquid down (ok for thrusters, too big a weight penalty for the main engine fuel and oxidizer) or supply a small acceleration, say from auxiliary thrusters, to settle the liquid to the bottom of the tank prior to ignition. Then He pressure can push the liquid into the main pumps which, in turn, provide enough pressure to force the liquid into the engine against its internal pressure.

Ullage motors are used to force the propellants to the bottom of the tank...mostly

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 295

You can't kidnap your own child. If there was sarcasm, it was in the use of "kidnapping" to refer to a rescue, but you obviously can't even consider it.

Uhhhh....In many states you can, especially in contested custody cases. See folks thrown in jail all the time taking their own children from grandparents (who have been granted legal custody), or ex-spouses without their permission....

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 295

Private hospitals. Now part of the 'nanny state'.

When people desperately believe there is one true villain responsible for all of life's ills like libertarians do - a believe that has never been true anywhere about anything because nothing has ever been that simple - they will see that villain everywhere, even where he is conspicuously NOT the guilty party.

Or is the "nanny state" you refer to the courts ? Who made the mistake of listening to medical professionals ? You seriously would prefer we get rid of the court system ?

Sure, let's go back to settling disputes with brawls. That worked so much better...

I'd rather have pistols at 20 paces, myself....

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