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Comment Re:Am I reading this right? (Score 1) 78

That's not quite how it works. In zero g, just adding Helium pressure to a tank won't accomplish much. You either have to use some kind of pressurized bladder to force the liquid down (ok for thrusters, too big a weight penalty for the main engine fuel and oxidizer) or supply a small acceleration, say from auxiliary thrusters, to settle the liquid to the bottom of the tank prior to ignition. Then He pressure can push the liquid into the main pumps which, in turn, provide enough pressure to force the liquid into the engine against its internal pressure.

Ullage motors are used to force the propellants to the bottom of the tank...mostly

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

You can't kidnap your own child. If there was sarcasm, it was in the use of "kidnapping" to refer to a rescue, but you obviously can't even consider it.

Uhhhh....In many states you can, especially in contested custody cases. See folks thrown in jail all the time taking their own children from grandparents (who have been granted legal custody), or ex-spouses without their permission....

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

Private hospitals. Now part of the 'nanny state'.

When people desperately believe there is one true villain responsible for all of life's ills like libertarians do - a believe that has never been true anywhere about anything because nothing has ever been that simple - they will see that villain everywhere, even where he is conspicuously NOT the guilty party.

Or is the "nanny state" you refer to the courts ? Who made the mistake of listening to medical professionals ? You seriously would prefer we get rid of the court system ?

Sure, let's go back to settling disputes with brawls. That worked so much better...

I'd rather have pistols at 20 paces, myself....

Comment Re:they should be teching real skills not outsourc (Score 1) 618

Way off, buddy. I'm one of those eurotrash types who lives in a (still) democratic country. Unfortunately you USians are doing your damnest to destroy what's left of democracy all over the world.
But I digress. It's a long standing tradition in your mighty country to buy your way into politics. Show me a politician not backed up by some lobby group (BTW nice euphemism for bribery) founded by some corporation. I'm not talking here about some obscure name from some obscure state but the ones from the federal level.
Can you?

You hit it right on the head...

Comment Re:At least two other OSs will "optimize" Kaby Lak (Score 0) 276

Windows 10 NSA Edition and Windows 10 Plebeian Edition?

There are no other operating system than Windows 10. It is The One, The Only, The Nadella.

Please just shut the fuck up.......squawk squawk !! Windows 10!! squawk squawk !! NSA in a black van outside your door!! squawk squawk !! The OS spies on my pr0n surfing!! squawk squawk !!

Comment Re: optimization (Score 1) 276

Which is why the TSA is asking people to show up 3 hours before the flight instead of 2 hours...

Because there is always a bunch of dumbasses that shows up with a freaking van-load of luggage that insists on having it all as carry-on, which takes the TSA drones forever to check. There is also a bunch of dumbasses that wear boots or shoes that takes 30 minutes to take off so that they can be put on the X-ray conveyor belt.

Dumbass folks don't do any research on how to get thru the TSA lines quickly. Wear slip-on shoes that you can quickly take off and on! Wear pants that don't require a BELT! Put all of your baggage as checked baggage and quit trying to cram into the overhead bins!

Totally off topic, but I feel a lot better now that I have gotten that off my chest.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 168

ry ANYTHING non Android

Translation: "Hi, I am an apple fanboi"

Not necessarily and not defending the Apple Fanboi.......for some idiotic reason, I got an HTC One M8 Windows phone with my last phone upgrade and it is a pretty fast operating phone. Battery usage is VERY low (could probably go 2 days before recharging, but I charge every night (with 80% charge left) out of habit)... if the app selection was a little more diverse I wouldn't mind keeping it in the long term.

But the other day a friend of mine got a new Samsung phone with Android and out of the box it actually felt slower than mine as far as response to user inputs goes...

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