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Comment Short-sighted shareholders won out again.... (Score 4, Insightful) 202


Moving into big cities was a contentious point inside Google Fiber, according to one former executive. Leaders like Barratt and Dennis Kish, who runs Google Fiber day-to-day, pushed for the big expansion. Others pushed back because of the prohibitive cost of digging up streets to lay fiber-optic cables across some of America’s busiest cities.

'Others', as in SHORT SIGHTED 'ACTIVIST' SHAREHOLDERS who want that quarterly price target hit, were the ones who pushed back.

Comment Re:In Seattle... (Score 1) 202

Consider yourself lucky. I'm in Seattle and the best service I can get is a pair of shotgunned 128K ISDN lines for $350/mo. It's either that or dial-up. I can't even get a solid 2 bars on my phone.

That's pretty sad. Here in BFE Arkansas, I can either have either Ultimate Internet by Cox Cable (200/20 - most other places it is 300/20 - $99.99/month) or symmetrical gigabit for around $275 via FTTH.

You would think Seattle, WA (home of Microsoft, etc) would have a virtual cornucopia (sp) of broadband options??

Comment Re:The most common job in the US about to die out (Score 2) 246


Flip the chart to 2014.

There's going to be a lot of disaffected out-of-work folks in the future.


To add to the quote from the headline... "We're just thrilled. We do think this is the future of transportation where we can save a shit ton of money by firing all the truck drivers that are working for us now".

Just need a minimum wage scrub riding along to load and unload the truck.

Comment Re:telomeres? (Score 2) 290

I thought this was a solved concept. Telomeres shorten based on cellular division and eventually the cells just don't divide anymore. The net effect is that the body stops replenishing itself and voila, old age. Unless you do something about that...

Exactly. I thought I read somewhere that in most cancer cells, their telomeres (sp?) don't shrink. Most cancer cells are 'immortal' so to speak because of this and explains partly why they grow and expand uncontrollably.

That would be the problem. Attempt to manipulate this little part of their biology and not end up like the folks on Miri's Planet...

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