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Comment Re:I really don't understand the scale model thing (Score 1) 147

The DC-X was successful except for the idiot who didn't connect the landing leg.

Human error is not the same as a fundamental flaw in the program.

If the DC-X had six landing legs instead of 4, one could have failed (like it did) without the thing tipping over and exploding. It could have also landed on rough terrain, both on Earth, and off (moon landing, anyone?) without needing a relatively flat place to land.

Making it small didn't really serve any purpose, other than to save some money up front, and McDonnell Douglas, at the time, was pretty much printing money (which is what made it such an attractive target for a takeover).

Comment Re:Why Fox? (Score 1) 536

> despite having one of the most expensive health care systems.

Not "one of" but "the" most expensive healthcare system by 100% increase from the next most expensive. Canada's.

But in Canada, if you want to start a business, you don't have to wonder if you're going to die in the process of not having healthcare at the beginning.


Comment I blame "whole word reading". (Score 3, Interesting) 153

I blame "whole word reading".

Pople who learned to read that way simply do not read for pleasure. They read when they are required to do so, but not otherwise.

If you are a "whole word reader", and you encounter a word you've never seen before, it's off to the dictionary to look up the new ideogram (since that how the words are taught using that method), even if you actually use the word daily when speaking.

I've occasionally wondered if we are going to have to make books available in "text speak", in the same way that we make them available in braille, in order to comply with the Americans With Disabilities act.

Comment Re:"Build better bridges" (Score 1) 130

I'm pretty sure the Romans thought their empire was going to last forever, and built based on that eventuality.

So what you're arguing is that the Romans would have build just as ephemerally as we do, even though they didn't expect to be ephemeral, had slaves, and didn't have labor unions that needed make-work contracts to keep the workers happy.

By "selection bias", you are referring to the Romans killing engineers and architects who built things that fell down, leaving only non-dead engineers and architects to design and build new things, right?

Comment "Build better bridges" (Score 2) 130

"Build better bridges".

Not really. The better we've become at engineering, the more we cut the bridge designs from "massively overbuilt, in such a way as to endure they never fall apart" to replace them with "barely overbuilt, in such a way as the first storm slightly out of the overage tolerance we've allowed will cause everything to be destroyed".

Seems stupid.

Rather than trying to figure out how to cut our tolerances as close to the bone as possible, we should probably go back to massively overbuilding things -- and then use our knowledge of tolerances to *ensure* they are massively overbuilt.

If we did that, we wouldn't have things like the 2007 I-35W bridge collapse happening. The bridges might sink into the ground under their own weight, but they wouldn't be collapsing.

Comment Re: Common (Score 1) 46

This is what gets me

Unless your ratio is >=1, the amount of "true share" of a movie, song, or software is ZERO if you want to account for "damages" - because you have not given out a "functional" copy. You have given out garbage.

Whether someone else is able to get the other pieces and stick it to your garbage to make it functional is irrelevant. You, personally, have not passed along a functional copy.

This "making available" bullshit is just that - bullshit. If I open my entire media directory to the internet, and nobody downloads from me, I still haven't damaged the precious profits of the publishers.

The only math worse than Republican, DEA, and Cop math is Hollywood math.


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