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Submission + - Airport Security, Paranoia and Convenience 1

betasam writes: "US Homeland security, in an effort to make "screening" faster came up with this millimeter ray scanning device. This looks like the full body scan from "Total Recall". Most people who are concerned about their privacy have objected to airport security body scans. There are claims that the scanner is "remotely reviewed" by a person who 'cannot' view the face of the person being scanned. That doesn't make people feel any safer. You could find an earlier British prototype showing the use of a full body scanner. Here is news of installation of such a device at Heathrow. This body scanner looks identical to the newer one.

I see another Slashdot story which shows an anti-hijacking safety bracelet. There was a 1976 patent following the 1972 Munich games by a Singapore Inventor Sai Kheong Kwan and a former Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Singapore. This is literally a handcuff which didn't make it. Governments are taking monitoring for security too serious and are probably not as well prepared in counter-measures. The inconvenience is weighing far too heavily against the advantages."

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