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Submission + - Oz Firm To Offer Android-based iPad Rival (zdnet.com.au) 1

bennyboy64 writes: On the eve of the launch of the Apple iPad internationally, Australian PC manufacturer Pioneer has revealed plans to launch an Android-based competitor, reports ZDNet. Pioneer issued a release this week stating it would launch its DreamBook ePad 7. The company has billed the tablet as 'a revolutionary iPad-style mobile computer' at the Computex trade fair in Taiwan, which runs from the 1 to 5 June.

Submission + - Microsoft Denies Windows 7 Modelled On Mac OS (itnews.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: iTnews reports that Microsoft has moved quickly to dismiss comments made by one of its managers earlier this week that the Windows 7 user interface was based on that of the Mac operating system. In an interview, Microsoft partner group manager Simon Aldous admitted that many people think the Mac OS is 'fantasticvery graphical and easy to use'. 'What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7 – whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format – is to create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics,' he was reported as saying. Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, who runs the firm's official Windows 7 blog, repudiated Aldous, labelling his comments 'inaccurate and uninformed'.

Submission + - Apple Floods Google With Anti-Microsoft Ads (itnews.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: iTnews reports that Apple has launched a cheeky advertising campaign in which it mocks its rival, Microsoft, using search engine advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The campaign, which pokes fun at Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7, promotes the fact that its products would enable users to 'avoid Windows 7 headaches' by making 'the switch to Mac'.

Submission + - AU Classification Board To Censor Mobile Apps (itnews.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: The Australian Classification Board is seeking to censor mobile phone applications under its National Classification Scheme. 'I recently wrote to the minister [Senator Conroy] regarding my concern that some so-called mobile phone applications, which can be purchased online or either downloaded to mobile phones or played online via mobile phone access, are not being submitted to the board for classification,' Australia's Classification Board director Donald McDonald told a Senate Estimates committee. I wonder if they know that there are over 80,000 applications on the iPhone platform alone?

Submission + - Sydney Apple store attempts window surgery (crn.com.au) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has been forced to replace a 10 metre pane of glass on the façade of its flagship Sydney store after it was pierced by a small projectile last month. The repair job was understood to have cost Apple up to $1 million to date and looks to be the first of its kind ever attempted. The replacement glass was flown in from Germany as was a custom-fabricated plate glass remover to take the damaged window out. The repairs are still ongoing tonight but this article has a photo gallery of the work last night.

Submission + - iPhone drought hits Oz (itnews.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: Apple's Australian carrier partners are being starved of iPhone stock. It's the second time in three months. Apple's website and stores, meanwhile, continue to have stock available. There is no shortage of iPhones at the flagship Apple Store in Sydney and a spokesperson for Apple said the company is 'currently quoting an estimated ship time of three business days' for its online store where 'supply remains strong'. In unrelated news, Apple's flagship store in Sydney suffered a huge crack to its glass facade window. Some are speculating it to have been shot at by a bullet.

Intel Connects PCs To Devices Using Light 179

CWmike writes "Intel is working on a new optical interconnect that could possibly link mobile devices to displays and storage up to 100 meters away. The optical interconnect technology, Light Peak, could communicate data between systems and devices associated with PCs at speeds of up to 10Gbits/sec., said David Perlmutter, vice president and general manager of Intel's mobility group. The technology uses light to speed up data transmission between mobile devices and connected devices like storage, networking and audio devices, the company said. The technology could help transfer a full-length Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds, says a post on Intel's site. Light Peak can run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling mobile devices to perform tasks over multiple connected devices at the same time. 'Optical technology also allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than currently possible,' according to the Intel entry. It could also lead to thinner and fewer connectors on mobile devices, Perlmutter said."

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