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Submission + - Auto-complete Comes To Email To Save You Time

bennyboy64 writes: Auto-complete has existed on mobiles for several years. So why has it taken an Australian start-up to take it out of the smartphone and onto the desktop? Called Composure, they're working on a Google Chrome extension that can auto-complete words, phrases, and even whole paragraphs, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. At the moment it just does dictionary words and phrases, but in the future they plan to scour through your Gmail to predict entire paragraphs that you've said in the past. They also plan to have a feature that recommends documents you might want to attach to an email based on the contents of the email.

Submission + - Corporate spy risks from free email

An anonymous reader writes: Small business users of Gmail, Yahoo! mail and Hotmail were completely vulnerable to corporate spies when logged into their accounts on public Wi-Fi networks, according to penetration tester Hacklabs. Although the login process (usernames and passwords) was encrypted with secure socket layer (SSL), once logged in over public Wi-Fi, documents and text in a default Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail account were transmitted in a way that someone with wireless sniffing tools such as Wireshark, Hamster or Ferret could easily intercept. Only Gmail had an option to always use HTTPS but it had to be manually enabled making it likely most users were not protected. The three free services named in the article also provide tips on how to mitigate risks over public Wi-Fi networks.

Submission + - Microsoft Cautioned Over Misleading Windows 7 Ad (

bennyboy64 writes: CRN reports that the Australian competition watchdog has slapped Microsoft on the wrist with a letter saying it should be more careful when advertising the security capabilities of Windows 7. In a TV advertising campaign, Microsoft said consumers didn't 'have to worry about bad stuff getting through'. iTnews has an audio clip from Jeff Putt, who heads up the Windows consumer team, who said consumers should get 'more sincere guidance' from a third party if they wanted to know how secure Windows 7 was.

Submission + - Google Announces Navigation for Android (

riffzifnab writes: Google announced the new version of Google Maps for Mobile with built in turn-by-turn voice direction and automatic rerouting. Unlike most other navigation system Maps relies upon the built in data connection rather then pre-cashed map data. This means that the information will be more up to date but could also fail if connectivity is lost.

Submission + - VMware Shows-Off PC-Over-IP (

bennyboy64 writes: VMware recently showed-off its new protocol PC-over-IP (PCoIP) at a conference in Sydney. iTnews reports the protocol, which is better than Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, intelligently compresses and prioritises data over slower connections to reduce any lag experienced by the user. A video is included in the article and shows-off the awesome capability of the service. The PCoIP protocol is software-based and CTO of VMware Steve Herrod claimed that without any dedicated hardware acceleration, it could 'scale from taskworkers — who are working in a call centre — all the way to the high-end designers working with interesting CAD designs'.

Submission + - "Three strikes" to go ahead in Britain (

David Gerard writes: "Lord Peter Mandelson has carefully ignored the Gowers Report and the Carter Report, instead taking the advice of his good friend David Geffen and three strikes and you're out will become law in Britain. The Open Rights Group has, of course, hit the roof. Oh, and never mind MI5 and the police pointing out that widespread encryption will become normal, hampering their efforts to keep up with little things like impending terrorist atrocities. Still, worth it to stop a few Lily Allen tracks being shared, what?"

Submission + - The Scientist Who Mistook Himself for a Spy

Hugh Pickens writes: "The NY Times reports that Stewart Nozette, who helped to discover water on the Moon and spent six years at a top-secret defense technology agency was arrested earlier this week on espionage charges, after telling an FBI agent that he was willing to sell some of America’s “most guarded secrets” to a man he believed to be an Israeli intelligence officer. Nozette worked at the Department of Energy in the 1990s, where he held a special security clearance described in the criminal complaint against him as “equivalent to the Defense Department’s Top Secret and Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information clearances (PDF).” For most of the past decade Nozette “acted as a technical consultant for an aerospace company that was wholly owned by the Government of the State of Israel” and when he took on this consulting work Nozette apparently concluded that he had already effectively become a spy. "I thought I was working for you already," said Nozette to the undercover officer posing as a Mossad recruiter according to an FBI transcript. "I mean that’s what I always thought, [the foreign company] was just a front." Marc Ambinder writes in the Atlantic that Nozette's "Q" clearance from the Department of Energy, giving him access to data about nuclear weapons, might have been of interest to the Israelis. "Since Israel has nuclear weapons, its espionage efforts are probably more directed towards figuring out what the US knows about them, how the US monitors, say, Israeli launch preparation sites, and who the US shares this data with," writes Ambinder. "No doubt that Nozette would be in a good position to know how easily it is for US technologies to pierce the veil of Israel's secret nuke program.""
Data Storage

Submission + - SPAM: Zurich loses data of 641,000 customers on tape 1

ChiefMonkeyGrinder writes: Insurance firm Zurich has lost the sensitive personal account details of 641,000 customers held on backup tape, including the details of 51,000 UK customers. The firm admitted the tape had been missing for over a year in South Africa, after it was lost en route to a secure storage unit in August 2008. But it has only just noticed the loss, and launched an investigation. Its entire South African customer base of 550,000 clients was also lost, alongside the details of 40,000 customers in Botswana.
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Submission + - Windows 7 Security Ad Not "Sincere" Says Microsoft ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: iTnews reports that Microsoft has launched a television campaign promoting the security of Windows 7 that even its own executives admitted was less than sincere. The advert — available to view online — features what looks to be a grandfather and his grandson playing with a very grand toy castle and talking about IT security. The grandfather compares Windows 7 security to that of a '50-foot castle' and says 'it keeps all my personal info safer and I don't have to worry about bad stuff getting through'. During the world's first Windows 7 launch event in Australia (a day ahead of the US) tech journos were shown the advertisement. Journalist Nick Ross from The Overclocker took Jeff Putt, who heads up the Windows consumer team, to task over whether the advert was misleading. Putt responded stating 'Windows 7 is the most secure operating system we've produced, we now have Windows Live Security Essentials (which I'm sure he meant Microsoft Security Essentials) for people to download as antivirus software,' he explained. 'People have to make their own security choices. I think if they're taking their security advice from the TV ad, hopefully they can get better guidance at retail or on the web... with more sincere guidance around what they should get'. Uhh...did he just admit that the advertisement misleads consumers?

Submission + - New 0-day Exploit For Wordpress . Solution Include (

surfdurp writes: There was New 0-day Exploit For Wordpress released on 18th Oct . this blog post includes details about the same , it also includes solution . but know wordpress has looked into the problem and has released Wordpress 2.8.5 so please upgrade ur wordpress as this exploit can lead to heavey server usage upto "47".

Submission + - Sydney Apple store attempts window surgery ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has been forced to replace a 10 metre pane of glass on the façade of its flagship Sydney store after it was pierced by a small projectile last month. The repair job was understood to have cost Apple up to $1 million to date and looks to be the first of its kind ever attempted. The replacement glass was flown in from Germany as was a custom-fabricated plate glass remover to take the damaged window out. The repairs are still ongoing tonight but this article has a photo gallery of the work last night.

Wi-Fi Patent Victory Earns CSIRO $200 Million 267

bennyboy64 writes "iTnews reports the patent battle between Australia's CSIRO and 14 of the world's largest technology companies has gained the research organization $200 million from out of court settlements. CSIRO executive director of commercial, Nigel Poole, said the CSIRO were wanting to license their technology further, stating that he 'urged' companies using it to come forward and seek a license. 'We believe that there are many more companies that are using CSIRO's technology and it's our desire to license the technology further,' Poole said.'We would urge companies that are currently selling devices that have 802.11 a,g or n to contact CSIRO and to seek a license because we believe they are using our technology.'"

Submission + - Bill Gates comments on piracy in 1976 (

j-cloth writes: On February 3rd, 1976, almost 10 years prior to the unveiling of Windows 1.0, an irate Bill Gates wrote the following open letter to hobbyists in response to piracy of Altair BASIC, the BASIC interpreter Gates had produced with Paul Allen and Monte Davidoff which was essentially the first piece of software ever released by Microsoft (then named Micro-Soft). The letter was published in a number of leading computer publications and, interestingly, initial versions of the software itself predated the widespread introduction of floppy disks, and as such were released on paper tape. Hence this photo of Altair BASIC 8K.

Interesting comment from an early Gates that talks legitimately about piracy but seems to preclude the possibility of the hobbyists giving back via open source (and other volunteer projects)

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