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Submission + - First fully-automated life-size goalkeeper (

bennini writes: "I was involved in designing the image analysis and ball recognition for a new, fully automated, full-size goalkeeper named GOALIAS. The robot system defends penalty kicks taken by humans and was recently displayed at the IdeenPark 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany .

During the IdeenPark event, the goalie defended over 10,000 penalty kicks and let some 1000 through.

The goalie system uses three EyeSpector intelligent cameras for performing image analysis. Each individual camera (equipped with a 1GHz processor and 32MB of ram) calculates the ball's 3D position on the field and transmits the information to an Infineon micro-controller that calculates the ball flight path and positions the goalie figure. The goalie figure is moved using a belt system powered by a custom, electric motor from SEW that accelerates at up to 8G and has a top speed of 16 meters/second.

The German Women's National Football Team (current world champions) tested GOALIAS at the IdeenPark event. Only one of the 6 professional players managed to score a goal. Professional players can kick a soccer ball upwards of 120km/hr and thus the GOALIAS system only has roughly 400ms to react to a kicked ball.

The whole project was designed and developed by the Institute of Automation and Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Germany."

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