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Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

Not as durable as lightning? Pull the other one. I've yet to have a lightning cable (Apple or otherwise) last more than a year (usually months or less), and they cost a fortune! Meanwhile, I have never had a single issue with any USB cable or connector, despite using shitloads of them, being a mobile dev since before mobile devices even had usb.

Comment Re:A lot of Pffle if you ask me (Score 1) 771

Presumably the lightning port doesn't break because nobody bothers plugging anything in because THE GOD DAMN CABLES ARE ALWAYS FUCKING BROKEN!

On the other hand, I have only ever seen one broken USB port in my life - be that A, B, C, mini or micro - and that wasn't on a device of mine. The occasional cable breaks, but that is when they are years old, not months (or less).

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