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Comment Re:Let's make some assumptions... (Score 4, Interesting) 163

With SpaceX being allowed to land on actual land I think they will have nearly 100% recovery. The second stage probably won't be recovered but the distance is really not the issue. The weight of recovery equipment directly comes from payload capacity and so far there is no lightweight heat shield that can do the job. Once that secret sauce is found they can de-orbit the second stage wherever they want to.

Comment Re:Will "wifi" ever get expanded spectrum? (Score 2) 138

Being a shared band, with NO ONE having legal priority, there is no such thing as a rouge AP. 'Rogue AP detection' is legal, even though Cisco offers it, 'rogue AP suppression' is not legal in most cases. Only if an AP was doing something illegal could you even consider doing something. Someone using the spectrum space you want (even on your own property) is not illegal so long as they are not trespassing.

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