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Submission + - LinkedIn Quietly Removes Tool To Export Contacts

An anonymous reader writes: LinkedIn has removed the option to export your contacts. Instead, the company is asking users to request an archive of their data, but that process can take up to 72 hours to complete. Before it disappeared today, LinkedIn’s export contacts feature allowed you to easily export your own contacts as a downloadable CSV or VCF file. That included contacts you made while using the service, as well as any you manually imported into LinkedIn. Now that feature is gone, without even a simple warning.

Submission + - Four-legged snake fossil stuns scientists—and ignites controversy (

sciencehabit writes: Scientists have described what they say is the first known fossil of a four-legged snake. The limbs of the 120-or-so-million-year-old, 20-centimeter-long creature are remarkably well preserved and end with five slender digits that appear to have been functional. Thought to have come from Brazil, the fossil would be one of the earliest snakes found, suggesting that the group evolved from terrestrial precursors in Gondwana, the southern remnant of the supercontinent Pangaea. But although the creature’s overall body plan—and indeed, many of its individual anatomical features—is snakelike, some researchers aren’t so sure that it is a part of the snake family tree.

Submission + - How Pluto's most spectacular image was made—and nearly lost (

sciencehabit writes: Science Magazine has a nice behind-the-scenes account of all of the computer work that went into last week's spectacular Pluto image. Among the revelations: scientists could not email data files (they had to use thumb drives because of a fear of a leak), several researchers pulled an all-nighter just to get the image ready for the public, and the image file itself was nearly lost.

Submission + - Stop Spocking Laurier!

bellwould writes: The Toronto Sun is reporting that Bank of Canada executives are urging Star Trek fans to stop altering Wilfred Laurier's face on the Canadian $5 bill to look like Spock. Although not illegal to draw on the bills, a Bank of Canada spokesperson points out that the markings may reduce effectiveness of the security features or worse, the money may not be accepted. C'mon now, would ever reject a $pock?

Submission + - hitchBot's Pilgrimage Continues in Germany (

bellwould writes: After traversing Canada with 19 rides in 26 days, the beer-cooler-based, swim-noodle and wellingtons-wearing Canadian robot, hitchBot, landed in Munich on Feb 14 and is being accompanied by (goolge-translated) as it continues it's adventure in Germany. The social/robotic experiment created by roboticists from Ryerson and McMaster Universities has gained quite a following as it posts on Twitter and Instagram during its travels. Known to politely ask drivers to plug it in to the cigaratte lighter to recharge it's batteries, hitchBot can also carry on semi-intellegent conversations. As one of the creators put it, "We wanted to see whether we can trust technology that’s surrounding us, especially robots and especially as they come into our daily lives, into our houses. And can robots trust human beings?

Comment Design failure (Score 2) 130

Designing the antenna to be "hidden" by the 5 "leaves" is absurd. This provides more evidence supporting ground-based probes shoud be using nuclear power sources. Spirit, Opportunity, Philae... when will we drop the nonsensical arguments about sending nuclear power sources to space?

Submission + - How BlackBerry beats the iPhone (

Molly McHugh writes: Who's made more progress: BlackBerry or iPhone?
It might sound like an absurd question, given the collective love for the iPhone compared to that of BlackBerry, but ignoring all the success of the former and all the previous missteps of the latter, the Classic and iPhone 6 are remarkably similar. Using 2007 as a starting point, here’s how far each phone has come in the time since.

Submission + - Quadcopter Drone Packs First All-Linux Autopilot (

DeviceGuru writes: Erle Robotics has launched what is claimed to be the first drone to run both a Pixhawk APM autopilot and ROS directly on Linux. Over the last year Erle Robotics and 3DRobotics have collaborated on developing an open source, all-Linux BeagleBone Black-based autopilot for drones using the popular 3DR APM architecture, but without using Nuttx RTOS for the real-time bits. In addition to being used on a new 'Erle-copter' quadcopter drone, the new all-Linux 'Erle-brain' APM will ship in both a two-winged UAV and a four-wheeled robotic vehicle, due next spring.

Comment He was a great teacher too (Score 1) 170

I used Stewart's text at McMaster in '82 as a coil-bound, courier-font tome with hand-drawn diagrams for $10. Steward was my 1st year calculus prof and he was the best math teacher I've ever had. He certainly wasn't rich back then, and if he made shrewd investments with his book income, all the power to him. Remember that the publisher sets the price and profit margin, the author only gets a sliver; fortunately, the book sold well. Publishers are like thieves in the way they force schools to unnecessarily sell a new edition every year.

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