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Submission + - Sony suffers yet another cyber attack. (softpedia.com)

bejiitas_wrath writes: "Sony corporation has been attacked once again, with 93,000 accounts compromised and account data possibly copied from Sony's servers. This is the third attack on the infrastructure of Sony HQ that has succeeded and possibly will not be the last. No one has claimed responsibility for this latest attack, it is not definite if Anonymous was responsible or just a copy cat attacker."

Submission + - Hotmail accounts locked out for many users. (bejiitaswrath.com)

bejiitas_wrath writes: "Microsoft`s Hotmail service has locked out many users with the message that their accounts are locked and even after resetting the passwords they are still unable to log in at all. This could be a cracking incident where malicious individuals have gained access to the Hotmail system, or it could be some other major bug. This is understandably upsetting for many people and hopefully this can be resolved by Microsoft soon."

Submission + - The videophone in SciFi. (arstechnica.com) 1

bejiitas_wrath writes: "Ars Technica has an interesting story about the history of the videophone in Science Fiction. Star Trek has always depicted the video calling when hailing ships and planets, but even the 1935 movie The Tunnel depicted video calling from one continent to another and even video calling from airplanes! And huge public video screens showing the news and current events. Nowadays we can use Skype to call one another over the Internet and video call with mobile `phones, but the video quality is nowhere near the quality shown in the film 2001 or the aforementioned Transatlantic Tunnel film. What are your thoughts on this technology?"

Submission + - Canonical axing Xorg? (com.com)

bejiitas_wrath writes: Canonical are planning to axe Xorg and replace it with the Wayland system instead, providing the basis of a new and revamped Ubuntu release past 11.04. Is this the basis for the Ubuntu desktop with a Ubuntu Browser and Ubuntu office.

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