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Comment Pluto temperature. (Score 1) 98

Pluto is -233 degrees Celsius right? Therefore if there was an alien civilization living on the surface, they would need to use materials that could withstand the awesome cold there. If we went there would a spacesuit not freeze solid and shatter like glass? What materials could stay in one piece in this cold? I think that an alien with Helium II blood could live there, but what could sustain it?

Comment Ubuntu on an iMac. (Score 1) 592

I tried to fix an iMac once by re-installing Mac OSX and I could not get it to boot from the installation disk. It would just sit there loading and loading and never load the installation. So I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and it worked flawlessly. Why is it so hard to install Macintosh OS on the actual hardware?

Comment Microsoft make up your mind! (Score 5, Insightful) 293

First you end support for XP, which is a good thing, then you end support for Windows 7 in 2020, now you are ending support for Windows 8 on May 8. Why? the bog standard Windows 8 still has newer software than Windows 7, the only thing holding it back is the retarded Modern UI interface. But this is a pretty lame apocalypse. I am perfectly happy with Windows 7 in a qemu KVM hypervisor running on a Linux laptop. This way I can run Windows in a window and use MS Office for those tasks that require it and still have access to the superior Linux command line tools. I just wish I still had my XP Pro VM. Now that was fun. Why is everything an apocalypse these days?

Comment Are there any old drives around that read these? (Score 1) 481

Are there any old drives around that can read these disks? What do they do if the drives fail? I am surprised this really still works, but I guess the stuff works, so they have no real inclination to upgrade it anytime soon. What old operating system do you need to read 8" floppy disks? Would DOS 6.22 work or would you need something even older?

Comment Will we get more information about possible life? (Score 3, Interesting) 38

Will we get information from this rock concerning ancient life? There could have been life on mars in ancient times that was wiped out when the atmosphere disappeared. That would be very intriguing for humanity. Better news than the search for this so-called missing plane or the Royals tour.

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