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Comment What's changed? (Score 5, Interesting) 312

We always hated each other. Social media just makes it easier to be in other people's circles...

If you hated someone in 1970... you just avoided them. On the internet, short of blocking them on social media, you are confronted with them constantly.

So we haven't changed... social media just brings out some bad things in people. While still doing many good things.

Comment Similar.... (Score 2) 421

There was another one like this recently... a ham radio software maker. The software "Ham Radio Deluxe" was rendered useless through an authentication server if the customer left a bad review. Since ham radio call signs were used as the product key, they simply banned a call sign in their server.

No matter who dies it- it's very bad karma.

Comment Um really? (Score 1) 148

Look guys- we're watching a dying company. Sure they have a lot of business at the moment. But their tech is limited and specialized. They killed their desktop business. They are losing ground in the tablet and phone market.

Investing in your own GPU is not the thing to do under those conditions. And only for mobile or just Apple products? Even with an assumption that Apple can produce something competitive it just doesn't make sense.

This smells a lot like Newton, John Sculley's pet project. Or CyberDog. Or the System Administrator's Tool Kit. Or the E-mate. Or the AV series of Macs. All products that were cool as heck- with no place in the market.

History repeats itself again.

Comment Here we go again.... (Score 1) 83

IT Executive.... that's an IT guy with an MBA who went back to school after failing as an Engineer. Or worse- someone with no engineering experience.

As the years have gone by, I've seen executives in tech migrate from "pretty smart" to downright stupid.

Anything an "IT Executive" says is suspect... all the time... every time.

Comment It's been a 15 year slide... (Score 2) 130

I worked for Apple from 1995 until 2001 in the K12 division. They abandoned education gradually as soon as the focus became consumer goods like ipods.

Also, they ignored competitive advantages they had by not leveraging the Apple Share IP servers which could serve windows clients as well. They made the tech- and never pushed it. At the time it was apparent to me they were pulling out. It was also apparent with the Darwin kernel and the tools taken from NeXT that they had an ready to go enterprise solution in Server 10.

15 years later.... it's apparent they have pulled out of computers in general. It's sad too. When I pull out my alpha disks of OSX it's apparent that a revolution was lost. I can still load the alpha/pre-alpha OSX on present day Intel hardware. Go figure.

It's debatable as to whether they made the right decision or not- could they make a bundle in the enterprise? But to the engineers that worked there at the time paradise was indeed lost.

Comment Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Insightful) 798

I'm not sure how I feel about this. If it was my estimation that the two political parties were more interested in what is best for America, rather than just winning their ideological war, this would hold more weight for me.

Snowdon seems the logical "other pardon". Not sure I'd like that to happen. Would prefer a trial where he would be allowed to make his case. Manning wasn't afforded that opportunity either.

Neither case is at the instigation of a foreign government. So the issues need to be gone through in an open court so the country can understand the issues. And legally decide whether a crime was committed, or these were justified acts done by patriots.

Comment Alarming... (Score 1) 99

Well the day had to come. Though it's too bad these guys are dying off while there's a "moon landing denial movement". Which is sad.

We need to get another crew up there soon as a way to combat ongoing anti-scientific "belief systems" before we dumb down the entire country to the point we do something really stupid.

Comment Going after Carmack? (Score 2, Interesting) 136

They better have real evidence. If you filled a 100ft by 100ft room full of the smartest people on earth- Carmack would be in the room. That's big game hunting.

You don't sue a person like that- you make a deal. Because he doesn't need to win- it was his brain. He already won.

Comment At least it's something.... (Score 5, Insightful) 336

Let's face it... it's not as if replacing Jobs was going to be an easy task- it may have been impossible.

That being said, Apple is not living up to the standard Jobs set. Maybe that's Cook's fault... maybe not. The recent products are lame. They've eviscerated their computer business. So if new products don't hit... it's not like they can fall back on the unfulfilled promise of OSX. They've been so successful with new consumer innovations, they've tossed away all the vertical markets they used to rule.

This is a dangerous position. They shouldn't cut his pay- they should fire him and find someone to take over.

Comment Is this how it goes?? (Score 2) 502

Interesting thought...

What if the actual end of humanity is caused, because as an aggregate, we are smart enough to understand and avoid it, but the majority of our biomass isn't smart.

Perhaps, we've got too much of a spread in ability between intelligent folks and those who are constitutionally incapable of understanding the complexities of a large data set. Or the mathematics needed to interpret it. Or lack the desire to do the work that leads to understanding.

There's so many factors involved.

Comment Bob Lazar.... (Score 0) 470

This really closes a circle for me. For some time I'd been hearing that Bob Lazar, the supposed physicist, had been spending a lot of time in China... Now we know...

With the synthesis of Element 114, the Chinese must have created a stable isotope based on Mr. Lazar's information gleaned from Groom Lake.

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