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Comment Re:"I've lost my password" (Score 1) 64

I don't know why anyone voted you down. It is a fact of life whether the companies want to admit it or not. The NSA may not request the key officially but I just can't see why they wouldn't do it "unofficially" as it is much easier to do than having to crack the key. To me, that is no brainer.

Comment ya but ...? (Score 1) 79

It does nothing to stop the C51. The right thing to do is to donate to the opposition party that would against C51. They need the money the could get to deliver their messages to the voters. Alternatively, compromise the political party in power, expose their scandals, etc. This is no more than public stunt that does nothing to anyone other than earning a few headline news article, at best.

Comment Re:Compelling? (Score 2, Interesting) 244

The greatest thing about idevice is the annual upgrade cycle. A lot of dumb ass upgrade their idevice every year -- and it is safe to say > 90% of idevice users upgrade theirs every 2-3 years. I don't see and do not anticipate people replacing their car every 2-3 years, let alone every year. Car navigation system may sound cool in theory, it may not bring in much more revenue. Having said that though, it may reduce the upgrade cycle of idevice.

Comment sound idea? (Score 1) 299

I think the idea sound but it might be too expensive and not cost effective. Let's say that saves $50 a month in electricity bill (that is very optimistic). $13K / $50 = 260 months = 21 years. Let's say tax payers chips in to offset 50% of the cost. It is still 10 years to break even, not to mention installation cost and the battery may not last 10 years. If it is priced at $2K, that is a different story.

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