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Comment Media setup (Score 1) 236

Dual hex-core 2.8GHz Opteron based server, running Debian Stable off a Samsung evo 850 SSD with 7 x 3TB 7200rpm drives in RAID 6 with a hot spare.

Media organised and served by Plex, FTA TV served by an HDHomerun dual tuner.

Streaming duties are shared by my Yamaha amp (Pandora), Roku 3 and Asus Nexus Player (YouTube and Plex to tv), and various android devices elsewhere in the house. The TV, xBox360, Ps3 and Ps4 offer alternatives for streaming in a pinch, and a separate DVD player (region unlocked) and Bluray player (purchased pre Ps4) round out the playback options.

Comment Re: Bigger cost than you might think (Score 1) 142

Stay close to the beach? Good idea! There are only crocodiles, jellyfish, cone shells, blue ringed octopus, sharks, spiders, snakes, bees, various dangerous species of fish, dingos, and the risk of severe dehydration and sunburn there. You should be fairly safe from the cane toads there.

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