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Comment Light - Laser (Score 1) 35

The new part of this research is forcing cells to produce a resonance chamber to produce the laser from light. I'm not sure how useful this is -- GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) tagging has been used to track the movements (and reproduction) of cells for decades.

Comment Re:Physics violation (Score 1) 690

Not the best, although that depends on what your evaluation criteria is. Look at heat pump heaters, they basically run the AC on backwards. You end up blasting out even colder air through the outside radiator but end up getting more thermal energy out than you put electricity in.

Comment Re:suddenly (Score 1) 362

It's been about 2 years since South Korea started using the standardized chargers. It's now expected that most internet cafes (PC bangs we call them here) supply chargers at each terminal. As the parent said, convenience stores have booths for paid charging.

The charging booths in convenience stores have been around for a long time, actually. The three major cell phone companies here (LG, SK, and KTF) have used unified chargers for their own brands for a much longer time, so it wasn't uncommon even 5 years ago to see 3-6 charging booths in stores.

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