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Comment Re:Trading one gravity well for another (Score 1) 583

Not really opposed but, unless there are resources there worth using to further space exploration, it just seems kind of dumb.

Yes, the moon has resources. In fact, part of the benefit of building a lunar colony is that it could become self-sustainable in terms of power generation, as well as becoming a production facility for the fuel to power a manned trip to mars.

Comment Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 1) 1055

You can only get public funding if you presume the conculsion that humans cause climate change in your grant proposal. You can only get private funding if you presume the opposite. I've been hearing this since the 90s - little "real science" has been done on either side.

If I had mod points, you'd be a smoking crater right now...

Comment Re:Release Date for PC (Score 1) 344

The last expansion was rehashing an old raid boss.

Ehh? The end boss of this expansion is Deathwing, who hasn't made a significant appearance since Warcraft 2. Perhaps you're referring to Ragnaros? Honestly, how many current subscribers were around to fight the Vanilla Ragnaros when he was relevant?

Comment Re:Unaware (Score 1) 313

You are aware of what causes war, right? If a nation runs out of resources, or worse, food and water, they will often send their armies in to take these resources from a neighbor. This isn't some theory from "gutless moderate lefties". This is a fact backed up by thousands of years of recorded history. Now, instead of nations of a few hundred-thousand armed with bronze weapons, we have nations of billions armed with nukes. Economic instability sets the tempo of the march to war. You want to roll the dice to see what happens when China no longer has oil to feed its growth?

Comment Re:Zeno (Score 1) 313

The mere existence of nukes does not mean there will be nuclear war. If the global economy collapses, it will majorly suck but humanity survived the fall of the Roman, Greek and Ottoman empires. I think we can pull off this one too. I'm not even convinced that the worst-case climate dooms could be the end-all. Life on this planet has survived some pretty gnarly stuff. Maybe it'll never be the same but I'm inclined to believe that life will go on. Maybe not ours but is life really defined by humans?

Yes, even in the event of a nuclear holocaust, some humans will survive. Ironically, they will be the same bastards who started WW3 in the first place. :(

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 1) 99

Mad fanboi is mad.

This is a fight that first generation fans had been waiting for for nearly 30 years, and you complain that it was "too long"? Sorry, if you're so jaded in old age that you can't enjoy this, then it might be time to turn in your geek card.

And don't blame your lack of knowledge about the characters on how the fight ended. Anakin was the more "powerful" swordsman, while Obi-wan was more "experienced". Obi-wan took a tactical advantage (the high ground). In Anakin's overconfidence and arrogance, he pressed the attack anyway.

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 1) 99

Yes, I have. Was at the theaters at midnight for each of them. My mom took me to see ANH in the theater for the '79 re-release (I was only 3 in '77). I had every action figure up until the last RotJ release. Some figure cards show a picture of Boba Fett with a "working" backpack. I was introduced to the concept of a "spoiler" prior to the release of RotJ, when a Topps Trading card let loose that Vader was, in fact, Luke's father.

Yes, I've been a Star Wars fan since my first memory. And guess what?

I like the prequels better. :P

Comment Re:Did some great work (Score 1) 99

Am still bummed that they killed off two good characters halfway through the first movie. Qui-Gon woulda' made a great 'loose-canon' cop type of figure, that could have shown Anakin an alternative to the monkish, "stand back and watch" Jedi council. Anakin could have been the young guy who, following what he see's an older guy do, goes to far and then begins the slide to dark side.

And Darth Maul was the sickest villain since Vader. What a shame. Lucas really needed an story editor who could stand up to him.

Sorry, these ideas suck. Qui-gon _needed_ to die. With him dead, there was no-one left among the Jedi who trusted Anakin. His own master didn't trust him until the beginning of Ep3, and Mace Windu took even longer. Yoda _never_ trusted him. If Anakin had a true advocate throughout the prequels, how the hell do you think he'd be so sweet-talked into buddying up with Palpatine? Palpatine used the jedi's distrust of Anakin to open up "another way" that he could follow. Qui-gon's "rebelliousness" towards the Jedi Council showed that there was weakness in the system. A Sith Lord moved in right under their literal noses. Dooku shows this rebellious streak, but corrupted.

Maul being a returning antagonist? Please! Maul's purpose to the narrative was to be the first sign of a resurgent Sith. He was little more than a disposable pit-bull to Palpatine. Do you honestly think Maul could've been the "face" of the Confederacy like Count Dooku was? Of course not. Sith Apprentices are, by nature, disposable.

Comment Re:They're different styles, there is no best choi (Score 1) 99

With the huge exception of the Palpatine/Sam Jackson fight in Ep 3 (which was a f-ing disaster)

Just out of curiosity, what didn't you like about it? I can see how, from a technical sword fighting perspective, it wasn't that realistic - it was more of an "artistic" fight. But this did not cheapen the emotions of what was at stake during the duel.

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