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Comment Re:Easy... (Score 2, Interesting) 823

I too got my mom a Mac Mini. Along with it, I paid the $100 for the Apple 1 to 1 training service. It works for her, since she has an apple store near her home. She can go in every week, and get one on one instruction on how to do pretty much anything she wants to learn how to do, and they're very helpful when she has questions outside of those training sessions. I realize it's not exactly what the OP was asking to do, but it's worked out very well for her, and she's been much happier/productive with the mac than she ever was with her old PC. The amount of questions I've had to field since I did this has been almost non-existent.

The Courts

Submission + - Blizzard officially files against WoW Glider

Marcus Eikenberry writes: "Blizzard and Vivendi ( www.blizzard.com ) today filed against MDY Industries ( www.wowglider.com ) and Michael Donnelly in the state of Arizona USA. Blizzard is seeking injunctive relief and money damages against MDY. What that means is they want him to stop the production of WoW Glider and they want him to pay them damages. Blizzard believes that Glider infringes on their intellectual property. They believe Glider allows players to cheat, giving them an unfair advantage and that they believe Glider encourages Blizzard customers to breach their contracts for playing the game. Last they claim that Glider is designed to circumvent copyright protections. Blizzard officially files against WoW Glider (Previous Story):WoW Glider vs. World of Warcraft in United States District Court"

Submission + - Cuba Adopts Open Source

petro6 writes: "The AP wire released a story (you can find it on The Washington Post's website) stating, "Cuba's communist government is trying to shake off the yoke of at least one capitalist empire — Microsoft Corp...by converting its computers to open-source software." Sources say it is difficult to say how long the transition will take. Cuba cites cost and security as a main motivator, but Bill Gate's description of open source developers as "some new modern-day sort of communists" perhaps speaks to an idealogical impetus. They are joining Venezuela which announced a similar move last year, and other countries such as China, Brazil and Norway in a move away from proprietary software."

Grid Computes 420 Years Worth of Data in 4 Months 166

Da Massive writes with a ComputerWorld article about a grid computing approach to the malaria disease. By running the problem across 5,000 computer for a total of four months, the WISDOM project analyzed some 80,000 drug compounds every hour. The search for new drug compounds is normally a time-intensive process, but the grid approach did the work of 420 years of computation in just 16 weeks. Individuals in over 25 countries participated. " All computers ran open source grid software, gLite, which allowed them to access central grid storage elements which were installed on Linux machines located in several countries worldwide. Besides being collected and saved in storage elements, data was also analyzed separately with meaningful results stored in a relational database. The database was installed on a separate Linux machine, to allow scientists to more easily analyze and select useful compounds." Are there any other 'big picture' problems out there you think would benefit from the grid approach?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - College student murders for video game money

dido writes: "The Mainichi Daily News reports that a college student has been arrested for withdrawing money from the bank account of a man found murdered last January 28. The suspect, 21-year-old Hiroshi Shimura, has further admitted to killing the man and his mother, telling investigators: "I spent the money at video game arcades. I murdered them so I could steal some money.""

Submission + - Power Management and Vista on Macbook Pro SOLUTION

TheReverandND writes: "When I installed Vista on my Macbook Pro besides I encountered some issues. 1) Battery life was pathetic. 2) Vista never acknowledged that the battery was 100% charged, or when it was unplugged or the lid was shut. 3) The fans never spun up, for any reason, unless forced. This caused it to get too hot to put on my lap. 4) The CPU would never throttle frequency or voltage based in my power plan. I happy to report that the installation of 945GM chipset drivers for Vista have solved the problems. I have a write up on my blog @ Live Spaces, please bare with it I wrote it at 3am, very excited but very tired. Just remember the flickering appears to be normal, and some devices will have to have their drivers manually updated. I have been trying to spread this via the usual forums, and now I turn to Slashdot for help. This fix has given my laptop back!!! (its been effectively desk bound since my Vista install) I am thinking the use of Intels vista chipset driver may be usefull for Macbook and Mac Pro users as well."

Submission + - Linus says "GNOME is limiting";Submits pat

Axmt writes: Linus got into an argument with GNOME developers accusing them of having a "users are idiots" mentality and limiting the configuration options. He went on to submit patches in order to make it behave like he wants. What the Salshdot users think? Is GNOME too limiting compared to KDE?

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