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Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

Adding tax? So iPod will cost - 500 USD as usual paid to Chinese, and then 500 USD you-are-bad tax paid... by the American customer to American government? Well yes, THAT will show them evil commies! They will not loose any cent on it, only USA citizens will be able to afford less goods. If you would make the Chinese to pay the tax directly to USA gov on import, then they will increase price if possible to still be profitable. If price would be too high it would just mean again Americans can afford less goods - they can not get the iPads. In the end, USA citizens will just have less goods then now and Chinese will not give a flying. Think.

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

"When the government is weak, the power hungry step in and take over" - yeah? And what happens now in USA? RIAA stepped in? SOAP, ACTA? What happens in Mexico? Or was the government too weak there, with tanks on the streets? So far all that strong gov is doing in USA seems to be opress its citizens. So I would say this is not working. Communism was about very strong central economical planning. Did it worked out? Or is it more productive to let in thousands of individual companies and innovative people, entrepreneurs to figure out the market based on a free trade? This is what I would propose. And the lower the tax, the more free market and prices are what they should be instead of centrally manipulated.

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

Laissez-faire is a policy of non-interference. There was a government who chose not to act. There exists no location "not under any government" (and arguably hasn't been for thousands of years at a minimum) so I didn't take you literally, as you gave an impossible constraint. Now that you've stated you are a troll who makes up impossible situations for the goal of ridiculing anyone who dares disagree with you, I'll treat you accordingly. Fuck you.

The way you went to a personal attack is really sad. If someone proposes something new (or not existing for long time) you insult him? How open minded of you, America Innovates indeed! :D Btw. skeleton "government" that just sets rules: 1) do not use violence (robbery, beating, forcing to pay tax, imprison) unless in minimal self-defence for 1 and 2 and 2) respect private property - would also work. Not sure if any such thing exists or not, but a man can dream. And discuss. Well, not you apparently. Still I would be interested in your comments if you are willing to make some logical arguments.

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

Factories in the late 1800s in the USA. What, are you a product of US public education? I guess that's why you've never heard of Laissez-faire

I asked ``Were this "routine worker deaths" happening when people where not under any government?'' So in late 1800s people where NOT under any government there? (btw Are you happy of YOUR education in reading skills?)

Comment Re:Robots will replace blue collar labor (Score 1) 625

How about Agorism? You have 50-100% more money [buying power] then now, and you must yourself (with friends, family, neighbours etc) organise all things that government do, like - looking for teenagers sharing mp3 online and arrest the criminals (or not do it - your choice) - grope little children while wearing a blue outfit (unless you decide to let go of the TSA bullshit) - firefighters (hire any of many companies / buy insurance) - security (hire any of many companies / buy insurance) - water supply (buy from a company) btw. discussing on slashdot is quite hard for me with this innovative D2 forum... if anyone would like to talk more then my JID is

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

. People say "pass a law prohibiting X" instead of "arrest people for X". It's a way to deceive yourself and others about what you're proposing.

"Do something about" isn't the same as "pass a law prohibiting X" You are the one lying, not him.

It might be too soon conclusion that "doing something" is "lets prohibit", indeed. But simple people often solve everything with "lets ban it". People beat up wives when drunk? Well obviously... let's ban alcohol! (instead of enforcing the SIMPLE law of NO VIOLENCE). Putting this problem aside now. What then you think can be "done about outsourcing" other then "ban [part of] outsourcing"?

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

So you want the US government to micro-manage essentially all production and commerce worldwide, using an army of super-smart, infallible bureaucrats to make (or second guess) every decision. Then The Right Thing will always happen.

This is wise. It's great that we live in a world where something like this can never go wrong, governments never make mistakes, and all choices are consequence-free.

Yeap. I think someone did this already. And it worked great! It was the Soviet Union. Hope they didn't patent their wonderful and obviously successful idea! ;)

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

I suggested import taxes. He said that leads to "arresting ordinary people for engaging in ordinary commerce". Are you really defending this?

Import tax is either 1) being arrested for not paying such tax -or- 2) the following:

That doesn't even make sense. The new taxes would be for imports (or more specifically, outsourced labor), which would not apply for things made domestically. So high wages + new taxes is not the proposed scenario.

Ok, so...

It's about making companies choose between the two and hopefully making them cost close to the same in the end.

The same HIGH price, right? The china+anti_import_tax or the high USA_taxed_priced? Well, then YOU sir are now poorer, because I will spent the same amount on money on buying the cheaper directly imported stuff.

Some things would be more expensive due to the wage differences,

Some things? All things. There is wage difference, and what product requires NO WAGE not even to pay someone to toss it on a truck and ship it? Also, you pay tax on everything.

but I would rather pay more for a product my neighbor made than pay for his unemployment checks.

Then go do it. Anyone stopping you? Or even better, your neighbor can make something really cool, so really you would prefer it for quality. or for sentiment or any reason. Maybe even so good that one day he could compete with Chinese? But he would have to be incredibly good since he has to pay taxes, health care, and pay minimum wage for even smallest of jobs, while Chinese guys do not have this problems. Thats why we all love importing from them, and barely anyone buys from USA (in comparison of total value yearly).

And the last part about giving more and more money to government is completely ridiculous since it would be no more than we do otherwise.

What? Introducing an import tax does not mean paying more money to government? Unless it is a 0% tax or really ineffectively collected tax.... ;)

Comment Re:Do "something" (Score 1) 625

I like how every one of your arguments starts by assuming someone else's idea leads to arresting innocent people.

The idea was to "due something about outsourcing". What do YOU think government can do to stop it? Ask people really really nice? Or enforce new laws, which is done by arresting as needed.

- Prices go up for people buying things. This lowers their standard of living.

In some areas. In others it leads to more people with money to buy things, more sales, and therefore lower costs.

USA is just not competitive, because on all work you do, big part is taken and redistributed how current masters of you agree. With minimum wage and high tax everything is expensive. Adding new taxes will only make things worse. Rest of world will enjoy cheap electronics,tshirts and everything, while you will be forced to buy from eachother, everyone of you giving more and more money to gov. To be wasted or corrupted. Or perhaps invested into next war "on terror".

Comment Sone - Uncensorable Twitter on anon networks (Score 3) 213

If you imagined a twitter where noone can ever block you, censor you, or trace you - then this is actually already true. We forget about Google+ and FB - we think decentralized and independent :) Sone is actually implementing Twitter-like functionality in Freenet. While still in beta, it works surprisingly fast! Posts appear in minute or so after posting, which is blazing-fast as for strong crypto-network that is not centralized and can not be censored. Since last week (version 1386) Freenet finally is no longer a burden to computer! IO and hdd use was fixed and compared to last years it is really not a problem to use this software on even medium computers. instalation takes 3-5 minutes. Then from main page bookmark "Sone" - link to .jar file USK@.......jar should be copied into Configuration > Plugins - add unofficiall plugin from freenet (it is still in beta), also add WoT (web of trust) plugin from the list there - solve some captchas while creating Pseudonym (the new main menu tab Community) and then create your free twitter (Sone) by clicking top menu "Sone". See you there ;) any questions - both Sone and Freenet developers are on IRC freeNODE - #freenet afaik.

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