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Submission + - Debian dropping Linux Standard Base (lwn.net)

basscomm writes: For years (as seen on Slashdot) the Linux Standard Base has been developed as an attempt to reduce the differences between Linux distributions in an effort significant effort. However, Debian Linux has announced that they are dropping support for the Linux Standard Base due to a lack of interest.

If [Raboud's] initial comments about lack of interest in LSB were not evidence enough, a full three months then went by with no one offering any support for maintaining the LSB-compliance packages and two terse votes in favor of dropping them. Consequently, on September 17, Raboud announced that he had gutted the src:lsb package (leaving just lsb-base and lsb-release as described) and uploaded it to the "unstable" archive. That minimalist set of tools will allow an interested user to start up the next Debian release and query whether or not it is LSB-compliant—and the answer will be "no."

Submission + - Chrome AdBlock joining Acceptable Ads Program (And Sold to Anonymous Company) (engadget.com)

basscomm writes: Hot on the heels of the formation of the independent board to oversee "acceptable ads", users of the popular Chrome ad blocking extension, AdBlock, got notice that AdBlock is participating by the program, and that acceptable ads are being turned on by default.

At the bottom of the announcement, buried in the fine print is word that AdBlock has been sold, but nobody will say to whom.

Submission + - Know your (gaming) onions (crummysocks.com)

basscomm writes: Take your average 'hardcore gamer' and ask him about the current Call of Duty or Madden, and he will probably be able to rattle off more than you ever thought was possible to know about it. Ask about games that came out five or ten years, or even longer ago, and you'll probably get a blank stare. A lot of 'hardcore gamers' today don't know or care about gaming history other than the NES was a thing, and Pong is old. We're already seeing the effects of forgetting our recent history, we don't know the date Super Mario Bros, one of the most well-known games of all time, was released, for example.

Submission + - Codweavers Flock The Vote Challenge (codeweavers.com)

basscomm writes: "Back in 2008 Codeweavers extended a challenge to then-president Bush: if he could get gas prices in the Twin Cities to below $2.79 a gallon, they'd give their software away free for a day. He did, and they did.

Four years later, Codeweavers has pledged that if 100,000 users (anywhere on the planet) pledge to vote they'll once again give away their software for free."

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Final Fantasy XIV on damage control (finalfantasyxiv.com)

basscomm writes: "Just the other day, it was reported here on Slashdot that Final Fantasy XIV was released into the world as a buggy, incomplete mess. Now, it's been announced that due to "generous amounts of player feedback" that lots of changes are coming (honest!). And, as a result, anyone who registers their game before October 25th will have their 30 day trial upgraded to a 60 day trial, but will it be enough to keep the game from hemorrhaging players once the free-trials end?"

Submission + - Windows XP Rides (dell.com)

basscomm writes: The Operating System that just won't die has been dealt another blow today as Dell reminds us that it is halting the sales of computers with Windows XP preinstalled, though they note that XP will still be available under "certain circumstances".

Per Microsoft guidelines regarding Windows XP, system vendors like Dell will no longer be able to ship systems with XP Professional and XP Home after October 22, 2010. This means that we will stop offering XP as an option for customers starting this month in preparation for next month's deadline.


Submission + - A new kind of spam tactic, sending resumes? 2

basscomm writes: "Lately, my inbox had been a magnet for resumes, which is kind of odd since I don't own a company and am not hiring for anything. The email itself appears fairly innocuous, there's an attachment that is titled 'forNews paper.docx' (or some such) and very little in body text.

sir/madam I am sending my resume for your respective job profile. Thank you

I've opened the attached Word documents on quarantined computers and they don't seem to have any kind of payload, just the guy's education and employment history. If this is a spam angle, I don't get it. What could these people hope to gain by sending me their resumes? I'm curious to know if this is happening to anyone else, if it's some new kind of spam or if it's just the universe messing with me. I suppose that if my email address (my slashdot username @ gmail.com) is perilously close to some legitimate hirer of the Indian people, that would explain it, but if that were the case, I'd expect the volume to me far higher."


Submission + - G4 Launching New 'Video Gamer' Oriented Channel (crummysocks.com)

basscomm writes: "G4, formerly the 'video game channel' announced today that they are launching a new initiative for the video game community.

Tentatively called "G24-7" this new network will feature on-demand shows featuring news, reviews, and video game-centric shows from the familiar sources, but will also feature work done by the community. Shows like 'Machinima World', for example, will highlight the very best that the machinima community has to offer and 'Video Game Rev-YOU' will feature the best user reviews from their community sites.

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Valve Deactivating Orange Box Installs Via Steam (crummysocks.com)

basscomm writes: "The Consumerist is reporting that Valve is deactivating copies of the Orange Box for users who purchased the title that is for use in a different territory. This is because the seller was not allowed to do business with the customer in the territory. Valve's Solution is to contact the seller and get a refund."

Submission + - Killer NIC Hands On Testing

basscomm writes: "IGN has gotten their hands on the "Killer" NIC recently featured here on Slashdot and have written a two part article detailing their impressions:
"The performance boost we got out of the Killer NIC in this testing exceeds Bigfoot Networks' own claims of 10-15% gains by a long shot and certainly seems to validate the potential of the technology. We suspect, however, that the fact that these computers were marginal at running F.E.A.R. in the first place had an impact in the comparison. In many cases the non-Killer NIC machine became absolutely bogged down as particles flew and grenades exploded, enough so that the entire machine would hang for a moment as things got sorted out. Obviously this murdered average fps figures. The Killer NIC equipped machine always managed to avoid grinding to a halt, perhaps due to enough of a performance boost from the Killer NIC to avoid becoming completely submerged in processing overhead and tanking its fps. Thus, we concluded that if we were conducting the head-to-head comparison between two high performance rigs the difference would not be as great as 65%."

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