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Comment Re:BKSP = Back Button is INFURIATING (Score 1) 141

I'm not surprised they killed it. Only a small percentage of masochists actually like that functionality. For everyone who has ever been totally screwed while filling out forms and such, it was an infuriating nightmare.

Backspace means BACKSPACE. As in, move the cursor BACK one SPACE and delete what is there.

See also: the spacebar. It literally means to insert a space, but in web browsers it scrolls the page down by one screenful (equivalent to a PgDn), are we going to throw this out, too, since people can be entering data in a form, accidentally tab out of it, and then scroll down, losing their place, or accidentally tab over to a button and activate it by hitting the spacebar?

Backspace to navigate back has been in place for decades in lots of programs, and I'd be willing to bet it's used more than you seem to think.

Comment Re: Slashdot is not far behind... (Score 1) 264

Amen to that. On the old Slashdot, even the trolls were intelligent and were pretty cool when you talked to them in journals. The only big name in open source I've seen post here in a long time is Bruce Perens. It seems like so many of the good commenter have been replaced by rude buffoons. Sadly, I think you're right. I remember when my six digit uid (below 400,000) was a really high uid. If I could remember the password, it would be one of the lowest ones still posting.

I still consider my UID to be be really high.

Comment Re:Based on the video, it's still total shit. (Score 1) 193

To make the workspace task centric and simple to use. It's still designed first and foremost for a mouse and keyboard although the design doesn't exclude touch. I'd add that the shell is also extendible and many plugins exist that rectify things people commonly moan about, e.g. if you want a start-like menu, taskbar, workspace switcher etc. then those things exist..

Hiding things behind nondescriptive hamburger menus or something similar only gives an illusion of simplicity and hinders discoverability. It's simple if you already know where the option or setting or whatever is buried (i.e. you're an expert user or a developer of the application), but if you've never used the application before it turns into a game of "How do I do <task>? Where did <developer> hide <option I want>?"

Comment Re:Digital computers are reaching the end (Score 2) 124

This will make a LOT of people here mad, but the exponential growth computational power of digital computers is ending. We can no longer count of the computers of tomorrow to be significantly faster or have more memory than today. If you have been following the industry closely you can already see start to happen 10 years ago. So we can forget about projections that used the argument of exponential growth creating the "Singularity" or "AI". There just simply won't be enough processor power available with classical digital computers. The computer you use 10 years from now will look and perform a lot like the one you have today.

Heck, the computer I use 10 years from now might very well be the same computer that I'm using today.

Comment Re:YouTube (Score 1) 178

You can use bittorrent to share your own videos, it is peer-to-peer, two-way, etc... All you need it is a typical home internet connection.
But look at what bittorrent is used for : 90% of it is for piracy of popular content like Hollywood blockbusters. I almost felt weird when I shared original content on TPB.
Despite the occasional collateral damage caused by anti-piracy systems, the little voice is actually better heard on video sharing platforms like YouTube, at least for now. That's simply because with piracy out of the way, people are forced to see less mainstream content instead. YouTube RED may change this, not because it is bad, I think it is actually a very good initiative, but it may cause the mainstream to come back. And experience has shown us that all other things being equal, people prefer to watch Hollywood blockbusters rather than independent content.

Lots of 'typical home connection' ISPs get really grumpy if you start sending lots of gigabytes of information to the Internet.

Comment Re:YouTube (Score 2) 178

Posting AC because of mods, but I agree with you, heavily. It's rather crushing to go back and read predictions made in the 70's, 80's, and even into the 90's. There was so much optimism and innovative ideas, there were actually individuals, and it was decentralized - you could actually own a piece of the internet. People even hosted their own websites!! Imagine that. Watching it all fade to the world of Twitter and Facebook...

Hey now, I own a piece of the Internet (several, in fact), and I still run a few websites for my personal enjoyment/enrichment and to get my personal message out there, but since each website I run is one out of about a billion voices, it's tough to be heard above the din.

There are a lot more non-technical users of the Internet these days than there are technical users, but everyone wants their voice to be heard. The problem is that for people like you and me, setting up and maintaining a website is trivial, but to the average Internet user, setting up a website, even one that's barebones HTML is either too hard, or too time consuming. The masses flock to places like twitter and facebook and youtube because they can get their message out quickly and easily and they don't have to have any technical skill (which is to say, they don't have to *gasp* learn something).

Comment Re: Edge (Score 1) 71

With all that crappy sites out there the web is barely usable on Lynx anymore.

If a site doesn't care enough to have a text-only failsafe mode (you know, in case javascript is turned of, adblockers are on, something from their CDN didn't load, or, heaven forbid, you're using something like a screen reader because you're visually impaired, or some other issue), then I'd say that site probably isn't worth anyone's time anyway.

Comment Re: Too much gathering and sharing "data" (Score 1) 153

Linux is massively overrated and that's why I stopped using it. But defending the Windows 10 GUI? If I don't like it, it's fear of change? OK.

I just swapped your car's pedals and inverted the dashboard, and the fuel cap is now under the left wheel. Quit being afraid of change and adapt.

So, Linux is overrated because it's not Windows?

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