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Comment Re:Why Ubuntu (Score 1) 59

I think it is useful when you have commercial intentions.. many IT managers would appreciate to have support subscription. Why I choose Debian for myself? basically because its FREE with whole word sense... on this economical dominated world its nice to see a community still motivated by gnu philosophy... and feels even better when you are using "The Universal Operative System". =)

Submission + - HackRF Kicks at Start (

basile writes: At first day at Kickstarter, this usb gadget that enables your computer to access a full radio spectrum already reached $80.000 goal.

Comment What about JWM? (Score 1) 835

As many have written, I choose the freedom of Debian, from a net-install media, I was able to "built" my OS almost from scratch avoiding to spend a lot of days compiling. Nowadays I need to run a really heavy framework for my work and a win emulated for a specified apps, this eat a lot of resources from my lovely old thinkpad so switching from compiz to just Gnome wasn't enough, I tried with lxde and xfce but any of them was what I expected, so I found this little desktop called JWM looking for something new avoiding the well know BlackBox and I wonder how useful it can be. As experienced user I know what applications I want to use (like Pidgin, Gimp, VLC, Pcmanfm...) so I took half an hour editing .jwm, customizing it, adding applications to menu, making the panel useful (like adding wicd, gnome bluetooth and power manager...). After that, it was an only way path, I'm really happy with my single desktop, I have everything that I need for a day by day and when there is something that I want to try, I always have my gnome-terminal to run it. I strong recommend this alternative, specially for that ones with limited hardware resources.

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