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I'm torn

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  • I'm not a big 1911 adherent and the 220 is a classic design itself. BTW, what are those channels they have on the bottom side now (the ones just below the rail)? At first I thought I was looking at airpistols :P
  • Is this for carry, home defense, or a range toy?
    • by banky ( 9941 )
      Range toy; I no longer own a .45 (used to have a Ruger P-something) and thought, it'd be nice. My main home defense piece is a Browning Hi-Power Tactical (I'm experienced and comfortable w/ single action) and my carry piece is ... well I don't presently carry, I don't have a CCL yet, but I have a nice 9mm Kurz PPK that would make an excellent piece for concealment.
      • by JesseL ( 107722 )
        In that case I'd probably go for the 1911. It has a little more sight radius, a little more weight, and it's probably going to have a better trigger.

        Plus, everyone should have a 1911 at some point. Mine is here [].

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