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Comment Re:Could be fun (Score 1) 137

So that leaves the "massive financial and tech hub" you describe in England. How many financial companies are going to want to maintain, never mind expand, their presence in a country which is allowed to actively monitor their most secure communications? If I were CEO of a global financial company I would be very concerned about the backlash from my customers if my company were to remain in such a country.

Not really a problem after Brexit. ;-)

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

It doesn't matter WHY it affects them differently, except as trivia.

You haven't followed research into metabolic syndrome and the microbiome in the last decade and a half or so I presume? "Why" is the most important question when it comes to IBD and metabolic syndrome, because there doesn't appear to be a simple deterministic correlation. People react differently to the same kind of food intake while on the same activity level.

Unless you intend to specifically analyse, combat and treat individual microbiomes in the stomach of every patient, you're not going to be able to do much else.

That's exactly the point of this kind of research..

Comment Re:eating less (Score 5, Insightful) 256

You're missing the point. This is about explaining why the same amount of food (or energy) intake affects people differently. Research into metabolic syndrome has shown that there is no simple relation: eat less -> lose weight -> get healthy. Once you know what influences weight gain or loss, given a certain amount of food intake you can adjust for other parameters.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 78

and for all those people who have such hate for systemd.... How many actually had used init.d?

You don't necessarily have to have experience with sysvinit to hate systemd. For many it is making such a compelling argument on its own that you don't need to compare it to other systems.

Comment Re:Apple and the EU tax (Score 1) 165

...give Apple a graceful way to say FU to the EU...

But what's that worth? Apple employs what, 5000 to 6000 people on their campus in Ireland, so losing those may impact the Dublin economy in the very short term but will do absolutely nothing to the EU. It's not like the company was paying any meaningful amount of taxes anyway. The economic loss on the whole would be short term and negligible.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

They were suffering before the UK joined the EU, suffered through complete neglect by the central government during the past decades and will now keep suffering the hardship. And they will in all likelihood continue to think this is all the EU's fault, because that's what populist politicians tell them. They will believe it because they lack a proper education. It's not funny, it's thoroughly depressing and a trend I see spreading throughout the western world. :-(

Comment Re:US Legal system (Score 1) 571

What's preventing the rich dude from paying a lawyer $5k over that $500 case?

Legal fees in Germany are based on the "Gerichtskostengesetz", a law that regulates the courts' official fees, and the "Gesetz ueber die Verguetung der Rechtsanwaeltinnen und Rechtsanwaelte", a law that regulates lawyers' fees. In cases where the losing party is ordered to pay the other side's fees, the winning party just receives a claim against the loser and remains the official debtor. So bankrupting the losing side won't help the party at all regarding legal fees. Everything one spends on lawyers above the official fees can not be reclaimed afaik.

Comment Re:Problems, problems.... (Score 3, Insightful) 795

Actually, economists have been saying for decades that a price on carbon is the most effective way to reduce emissions with least impact on the economy.

Yes and politicians have made certain that none of the market based mechanisms implemented so far can help reduce emissions in any meaningful way.

Comment Re:On the Importance of the Internet (Score 1) 260

Really? I'm constantly seeing articles about how people made large amounts of money in their spare time, working from home on the internet.

I've read the same articles as well as a couple of others regarding the enhancement of male genitalia. I am currently working on both fronts, with the calluses to prove, and apparently neither work all the time. So I guess correlation rather than causation... :-)

Comment There is no security (Score 2) 110

Seriously, it's not even an afterthought. I have worked on a publicly funded research project covering smart home and living crap. While some of it may be interesting from a tinkering with stuff point of view, most of it is creepy surveillance type of shit, like smart metering. When I raised the question of security people stared blankly at me for a second or two and suggested that it wasn't a problem at all and if ever will be fixed later, maybe.

My point is, CIOs do not make relevant security decisions when it comes to product design. No one does. It's all about marketability and cost efficiency, security is neither because it is complex and costs a lot of money. And who care? Honestly, who cares about security? It's not the vendors and it's definitely not the consumers who constantly carry their rarely-if-ever-security-updated-listening-in-and-tracking-devices and provide the world with current information about the vacancy of their homes. So again, who cares? Eventually the insurance companies might care, when some cracker remotely burned down a kitchen or flooded a bathroom or two or ten thousand.

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