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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 361

This! You nailed it.

Often it's a case of just taking the responsibility to make a decision. [...] They can then go away, confident that if it all goes tits up, I'll be there to pick up the pieces and protect them from the shit heading their way.

Thank you, you have condensed a large chunk of management literature into a paragraph. If I were to further reduce it: Be human and recognise that everyone else is too.

Yes, it all sounds trivial and will neither sell any books nor book me (or you) a TED talk, but this is the really hard stuff. You can learn about economics and business administration, read the text books, do case studies and attend all the motivational seminars, trainings and retreats, but as long as you don't realise that people are complex, more so than technology or processes, and have some empathy you will focus on the wrong things and eventually fail as a manager.

Comment Re:Well, once the panels are installed (Score 2) 415

So yeah, solar industry jobs wil probably follow a similar pattern. A huge boom, then trailing off. The days of thinking that a person is going to do one job, the same job, live in the same town in the same houhse your entire life, and not have to learn to do anything else is no longer a rational idea. Things change too quickly.

You're absolutely right, it's just rather unfortunate that the (vocational) education system doesn't prepare people to be this flexible. Apart from hard skills which can be trained, look at how many people and even regions still identify as miners or steel workers. And it's not just in the US, you can see this in other countries like the UK or Germany too. It still takes an enormous effort to retrain, reskill and mentally repurpose communities that were focused on one specific industry for a long time.

Comment Populist stunt (Score 1) 834

Looking at the numbers for H1-B visas ( I would argue that the impact on the US employment market (146,305,000 labor force with a total of 315,857 H1-Bs issued in 2014; see also as a whole will be rather negligable. I find it difficult to argue that this is anything but another populist stunt.

Comment Re:Could be fun (Score 1) 137

So that leaves the "massive financial and tech hub" you describe in England. How many financial companies are going to want to maintain, never mind expand, their presence in a country which is allowed to actively monitor their most secure communications? If I were CEO of a global financial company I would be very concerned about the backlash from my customers if my company were to remain in such a country.

Not really a problem after Brexit. ;-)

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

It doesn't matter WHY it affects them differently, except as trivia.

You haven't followed research into metabolic syndrome and the microbiome in the last decade and a half or so I presume? "Why" is the most important question when it comes to IBD and metabolic syndrome, because there doesn't appear to be a simple deterministic correlation. People react differently to the same kind of food intake while on the same activity level.

Unless you intend to specifically analyse, combat and treat individual microbiomes in the stomach of every patient, you're not going to be able to do much else.

That's exactly the point of this kind of research..

Comment Re:eating less (Score 5, Insightful) 256

You're missing the point. This is about explaining why the same amount of food (or energy) intake affects people differently. Research into metabolic syndrome has shown that there is no simple relation: eat less -> lose weight -> get healthy. Once you know what influences weight gain or loss, given a certain amount of food intake you can adjust for other parameters.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 78

and for all those people who have such hate for systemd.... How many actually had used init.d?

You don't necessarily have to have experience with sysvinit to hate systemd. For many it is making such a compelling argument on its own that you don't need to compare it to other systems.

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